Benue NNPP Disappointed with Kano Tribunal Judgement

George Okoh in Makurdi

The New Nigeria Peoples’ Party (NNPP) leadership and members in Benue State have expressed disappointment with the verdict of the Governorship Election Petition Tribunal that ruled against the Kano State Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf.

The Benue  State Chairman of the party, Group Captain Stephen Baba Adah (rtd) while addressing reporters in Makurdi said the party expressed its profound disappointment in the recent tribunal judgment delivered on 19th September 2023, concerning the Governor of Kano State,  Abba Kabir Yusuf.

He said as a body that is committed to promoting fair and just judicial practices, the party found it perturbing that the verdict does not appear to epitomise these tenets.

He said  it is the belief of members that the tribunal’s decision not only undermines the democratic principles that Nigerians  stands for but also brings into question the overall integrity of the  justice system.

According to Adah, the leadership of the NNPP in Benue state, under his  strategic guidance, remind concerned parties that justice should not just be done, but be seen to have been done.

“We therefore, fervently entreat our judicial system to uphold the principles of fair judgment in order to foster trust among the citizens of our great nation and at this point in our Nigerian democratic journey our focus should be towards bolstering the rule of law, furthering accountability and transparency, and most importantly, ensuring the people’s mandate is honored and respected,” he said.

He said Kano state with an APC sitting governor controlling  all security agencies the party could not win because the people rejected the elite friendly government of the APC  and opted for the poor, down trodden and the oppressed friendly government of the NNPP.

Adah said governance is about making life meaningful for the poor, oppressed and vulnerable persons in the society.

“The NNPP government in Kano has put smiles in the faces of the oppressed in Kano. Therefore, we call on the relevant authorities to launch an immediate review of the judgment in order to prevent a looming dispensation of unequally metered justice in the country. The Pillars of our nation’s democracy are at stake and should not be treated lightly,” he added.

He disclosed that NNPP will appeal the judicial robbery against the good people of Kano, saying that at the end truth and light must prevail against lies and darkness.

In another development Adah has urged the Benue State governor, Hyacinth Alia APC led government to up the game of delivering to the good  people of Benue state the sweet taste of change of bad government in the state.

He said: “I expect that the heap of refuse dump all over the state capital will be cleared by now by any serious government after 100 days in office. We also hope that the numerous potholes in our roads patched to enable us drive on the roads since building good roads in the state is now rocket science.”

Also stating that the primary responsibility of any good government is to create a healthy and comfortable environment for the people, he encouraged the Reverend gentleman to look at the poor and the perpetually oppressed Benue People by lifting the burden of intense hunger and hardship on them .

He added that  formulation of government policies should target the majority of the people through the provision of good roads, water and electricity to support small businesses.

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