Henkel Nigeria Announces Sponsorship of Ongoing Big Brother Nigeria 2023

Henkel Nigeria Announces Sponsorship of Ongoing Big Brother Nigeria 2023

Henkel, a leading German multinational and renowned manufacturer of WAW and Nittol detergent, is proud to announce its partnership as part of the official sponsors of the highly anticipated reality TV show, Big Brother Nigeria (BBN) All Stars 2023 through its WAW brand. 

This exciting collaboration marks a significant milestone for both Henkel and the entertainment industry as they come together to create unforgettable moments for millions of viewers across the nation.

During the third week of the Big Brother Naija All-Stars 2023 season, the housemates took on an exciting challenge known as the ‘Waw Task’. 

This task was sponsored by Waw Nigeria. The task involved team members participating in games that included engaging question-and-answer sessions. The All-Stars contestants enthusiastically embraced this task, infusing their unique personalities and strategies into the games as part of the week’s activities.

The Waw Task required the ‘All-Stars’ housemates of Big Brother Naija to collaborate in teams. 

Each team was tasked with working together to complete the Waw task, which was scheduled to take place in the arena after the housemates had rehearsed within their respective teams. 

Asides the task, other exciting promos currently on-going is the WAW wash and win promo and spot WAW all curated to enhance consumer experience.

As a global leader in consumer goods and industrial technologies, Henkel has always been committed to enhancing the lives of people through its innovative and sustainable products. 

By joining hands with Big Brother Nigeria, one of the most-watched reality TV shows in the country, Henkel aims to connect with a diverse audience and showcase its dedication to fostering engagement and excitement in everyday life.

The ongoing Big Brother Nigeria 2023 season 8 is bigger, bolder and more captivating than ever before. 

Henkel’s sponsorship will elevate the show’s entertainment value and amplify its impact on millions of viewers both locally and globally. With its extensive portfolio of well-known brands and products, Henkel seeks to integrate its values of innovation, sustainability and social responsibility into the heart of this iconic television program.

“We are absolutely delighted to be a part of Big Brother Nigeria 2023,” said the Chairman and Managing Director of Henkel Nigeria, Mr. Rajat Kapur, “We believe in the power of entertainment to inspire and drive change and we look forward to the exciting journey ahead with Big Brother Nigeria.”

The Head of Marketing, Ivie Akalu, said: “At Henkel, we understand the significance of TV shows like BBN in bringing people together and celebrating shared experiences. Through this partnership, we are excited to introduce our innovative Waw detergent brands to a wider audience while also showcasing our dedication to sustainability and excellence.”

The partnership with Big Brother Nigeria 2023 reinforces the power of unity, entertainment and shared experiences to create lasting memories and inspire change. 

Viewers can expect a plethora of engaging content, exciting challenges and unforgettable moments that reflect Henkel’s innovative spirit and commitment to enriching lives.

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