Mr Eazi Unleashes His Artistic Brilliance with ‘The Evil Genius’ Exhibition in Accra 

Mr Eazi Unleashes His Artistic Brilliance with ‘The Evil Genius’ Exhibition in Accra 

Vanessa Obioha 

Oluwatosin ‘Mr Eazi’ Ajibade, the Nigerian-born innovator and musician renowned for his creative talents, has embarked on an inspiring journey that melds the worlds of music and art. This time, he dons a curator’s hat with the unveiling of his art exhibition ‘The Evil Genius’, inspired by his new album of the same title. The exhibition exudes the essence of love, freedom, happiness, and the thematic tapestry woven into his album. 

Collaborating with Gallery 1957, this artistic endeavour coincides with Accra Cultural Week, setting the stage for a fusion of cultural expressions.

“We are thrilled to exhibit his powerful and thought-provoking collection to our audiences,” remarks the gallery manager, Angelica Litta Modignani.

Ghana is like home to Mr Eazi so it was not surprising that he chose the country to showcase his masterful fusion of art and music. The exhibition showcases 16 exquisite pieces meticulously curated by Mr Eazi, representing the creative genius of 12 artists from eight distinct African nations. Among the attendees at the event were luminaries such as Dominique Zinkpè (Cotonou, Benin), Patricorel (Cotonou, Benin), Tesprit (Lomé, Togo), and Samuel Tete-Katchan (Accra, Ghana). The lineup also features renowned artists like Tammy Sinclair (Abuja, Nigeria), Alpha ODH (Nairobi, Kenya), Chinaza Nkemka (Lagos, Nigeria), Edozie Anedu (Lagos, Nigeria), Elangwe Sesse (Cameroon), Ikechukwu Christian (Lagos, Nigeria), Kufa Makwavarara (Zimbabwe/South Africa), and Sandra Seghir (Dakar, Senegal).

Mr Eazi’s approach to selecting these visual collaborators mirrors the authenticity of his music collaborations – driven by a genuine appreciation for their art.

 “I just liked their art and reached out to them,” he reveals. “We’d send them the song, they’d listen, and we’d have a call and talk about what everything means. I said, ‘I’m going to give them the freedom to go create.”

This project has been a labour of passion for Mr Eazi, spanning over two years. For him, it’s not just an exhibition; it’s an opportunity to share his unique vision with the world and ignite vital dialogues about the realm of Contemporary African Art.

The exhibition flung open its doors to the public, on September 13, 2023, welcoming a distinguished gathering of guests, including luminaries such as Azu Nwagbogu, Kwame Eric Goka, Phil Philips (Barbados High Commission), Daniel Osafo, Ameyaw Debrah, Gabby Otchere-Darko, and a constellation of other influential figures.

London awaits, as the art finds its way to the 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair’s Special Projects from October 12 to October 15, 2023, at the prestigious Somerset House.

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