9mobile Trains Kano Entrepreneurs on Customer Loyalty

9mobile Trains Kano Entrepreneurs on Customer Loyalty

Nosa Alekuogie

9mobile has further reiterated its commitment to the growth and development of small and medium enterprises in Nigeria, during the Kano edition of The Hack, which is a networking and business mentorship programme for entrepreneurs desirous of scaling their businesses.

9mobile used the programme to train Kano SMEs on how to nurture customer loyalty through relationship selling during the two-day event.

The telecoms company had a practical training session on the first day and an exhibition on the second day, where the SMEs displayed their products for sale at no cost to them.

The Kano edition titled “Beyond the Talk” was a granular attempt at simplifying essential business concepts for burgeoning entrepreneurs.

The Head of Regional Sales, North at 9mobile, Babangida Mukaddas, took the SMEs on a journey in customer loyalty and told them that while many of their strategies as business owners might focus on marketing, business continuity and the working capital of their businesses, one of the hardest things that they will not be able to do is to buy customer loyalty.

“Entrepreneurs must put a lot of processes in place to nurture customer loyalty, and at the heart of this is relationship selling which is one of the key things business owners must do to entrench customer loyalty,” Mukaddas said.

In a very engaging session, he highlighted five critical steps in relationship selling that they must utilise to be successful and pointed out that understanding customers’ needs is the first step to building a solid relationship with them.

He further explained that business owners must build trust between themselves and their customers because trust is essential for any successful relationship, including business relationships. He urged them to keep their promises and deliver on them continuously.

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