Ariston Group Places Energy Efficiency as Sustainable Growth Strategy

Fadekemi Ajakaiye

Ariston group has placed energy efficiency at the heart of its sustainable growth strategy, the new the new management of Central Africa, Mr. Solomon Umoh has said.

According to him, renewable and high efficiency products and solutions can make a high contribution to reaching the environmental goals in the building sector, reducing cost of energy consumption without compromising comfort. 

“So basically Ariston invests a lot into research and development and comes up with high efficiency products which not only provide quality and reduce cost in terms of cost of energy, improves efficiency and at the same time protects the environment.”

Speaking at a press conference, he said “We all understand how the topic of global warming is important. In most developed continents, most especially Europe and the Americas, if your products are not ranked or classified amongst the top ranks in the energy efficient range, whatever solution you’re providing is a waste. 

“The world crisis due to COVID-19 emphasised the importance of hot water, in the sense of both safety and security, before now most people didn’t pay attention to hygiene but because of the pandemic that visited the world in 2020, a lot of people paid attention to hot water, paid attention to hygiene, which hot water sits ultimately, compared to any other source of hygiene. Ariston group is also deeply committed to delivering comfort to everyone no matter where you are in the world, that is Ariston’s mission in all the communities where it operates. 

“Since 2010, the group has embarked on a major growth journey, finding success in both mature and emerging markets by expanding its international presence, relentlessly investing in research and development. 

“Let me emphasize that a little bit, part of the group’s mission is basically to deliver sustainable comfort, no matter where you are in the world. So investment has been put into place to diversify the technologies embedded within the group to also learn more, to adapt into our lifestyle, in order not to present our solutions as products but as part of our lives. 

“So let me just give an example to this, in terms of connectivity for most markets now, it’s a virtual or remote interface with the product, without having to basically walk up to touch the product, a lot of innovations are being put in and this is through careful investment in research and development, with consumers in mind, no matter where you are to have access to sustainable comfort. 

“With a history of over 93 years of Ariston, the company has established itself as a one of  a kind global player, with a unique proposition of renewable and high efficiency hot water solutions. What we are trying to talk about is providing solutions in alternative forms of energy, green energy, things like solar, or heating items, which basically do not depend on fossil fuel or natural gas. We have solutions, we depend 100% on solar energy and we also have solutions, which work on the back of a reverse refrigeration cycle, without requiring much electricity to basically deliver comfort.”

He said “One of the brand pillars of Ariston is about lasting quality, so at Ariston quality culture starts from the ability to design and manufacture products that meet the highest quality standards and the needs of our customers all over the world, and then involved in the business processes from suppliers management to support service, that’s why we basically have that young man , who just stepped out of here. So for us as a business, if you don’t have an after sale support, then you shouldn’t sell, this basically provides that we offer a 360 degrees solutions, so we don’t just push the products to you, you use it and you go away,  we stay with you, with the product because quality, durability, comfort and style are basically what we provide, so we ensure that, you have peace of mind, when you invest in our products and it becomes part of your lifestyle, so it doesn’t give you any cause to worry,  because if for any reason, you need support, basically to improve, to service your product or improve the efficiency, we have manpower which is pre provided at the point of purchase to make sure, you have the best. 

“Our value proposition is focused on satisfying customers, so for us customer satisfaction is not optional, it is a must and seeking to exceed expectation is what we work hard to do. By understanding these expectations our brand can develop and also improve, that’s why for those of us, who work in sales and marketing department, no matter where you work in Ariston, no matter how remote you’re from the head office, on a daily basis, we get involved in a product feedback session, where we review the product we have and send feedback to the quality team, for reassessment to improve on the already good qualities being provided. 

“Finally Ariston is a worldwide leader in the thermic comfort industry. We have reaffirmed our commitment to promoting energy efficiency in various households, globally,  in Africa, in Nigeria, here in Lagos and even in our villages. Please let me just use this opportunity to say that when we are thinking, we consider everyone.” 

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