CPE Tasks Government on Eradicating Examination Malpractice

Funmi Ogundare 

Concerned Parents and Educators Network, a group committed to driving change in the education sector, has expressed concern about the rampant examination malpractice that plagues the system in Nigeria. 

The founder, Mrs. Yinka Ogunde, regretted that the integrity of examinations had been compromised due to the widespread malpractices that have become all too common.

She said the group believes that the Nigerian government has the responsibility to take immediate action to eradicate the menace from our education system. 

She urged the Nigerian government to take a strong stance against the menace by implementing measures to ensure examinations’ integrity. 

This, Ogunde noted, includes the use of technology to monitor and prevent cheating, as well as harsh penalties for those caught engaging in malpractice.

She added, “As concerned parents and educators, we are committed to working with the government to eradicate examination malpractice from our education system and ensure that our children receive the quality education they deserve.”

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