Heartbroken as Billionaire Businessman, Taiwo Afolabi Loses ‘Godfather’

Life is a bed of roses for the individual whose eyes are fixed on the sky. For others, it is a habitat of nails and stones. As such, the loss of human life is like an unquenchable fire in the gut, burning the innards until there is nothing left. Taiwo Afolabi is strong, but even he has been touched by the death of relatives, friends, and mentors. And the recent passage of General Oladipo Diya has left a permanent scar in the heart of the SIFAX Group boss.

Afolabi has always been a peculiar individual. Even with his strong character and understanding heart, it is almost difficult to think of him as someone who would break down in tears for anything. After all, he virtually built up the conglomerate SIFAX from the ground up. But life is not something that anybody has grasped, so pain and sorrow are certain for even the greatest of men. So it is for Afolabi

Being so well known and having lived a brilliant life, many people mourned the passing of Diya who was 78. However, very few of these people could feel the pain of Diya’s passing as deeply as Afolabi. It is no secret that Afolabi admired Diya greatly. According to the legends, Diya played a significant role in helping Afolabi remove himself from the path of mediocrity to the path of greatness. As a result, Diya was an idol to Afolabi. Thus, his death rang more bells in the heart of Afolabi than in the heart of the average person.

This is even more sorrowful considering that Afolabi also lost his twin brother, Kehinde, a few months ago. And even though it is reported that the latter passed away in his sleep, there is no reconciliation with death in this life. Because Afolabi understands this, the pain was no less than shoving nails into his heart. This is why Afolabi is heartbroken at the moment, having endured one loss only to have another explode in his heart.

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