VIVA Detergent Fosters Spirit of Ramadan with gift Hampers

In the spirit of Ramadan, Aspira Nigeria Limited, makers of leading detergent brand, Viva Plus Detergent, is currently gifting specially curated Viva-Ramadan Gift Hampers to customers and retailers across the Northern states of Nigeria, including Kano, Kaduna, Katsina, Gombe, Jigawa, Plateau, Bauchi, Yobe, Borno, Abuja, Nasarawa, and Niger.

This initiative, aimed at spreading joy and goodwill during the holy month of Ramadan, is planned to reach the maximum number of consumers and will be executed via visit to households, neighborhoods, and retailers in the aforementioned states.

“We are thrilled to be giving away Viva Ramadan Gift hampers to our customers” said Mr. Santhosh Kumar Nair, the Chief Marketing Officer of Aspira Nigeria. “Ramadan is a time of generosity and giving, and we wanted to do something special for our customers during this period. The Viva Ramadan Gift Hampers are a token of our appreciation for their continued loyalty and support.”

Each Viva-Ramadan Gift Hamper is specially designed to cater to the needs of households during the Ramadan period. The hampers include Viva detergent, which is renowned for its superior cleaning power, and other household essentials that families can use during the month-long period.

“We are confident that our Viva-Ramadan Gift Hampers will bring joy and happiness to families during this special period. We encourage everyone to keep an eye out for our representatives and to receive their hampers with open hearts,” said Lynda Aguocha, Advertising Head.

The Viva Detergent Ramadan Giveaways campaign is part of Aspira’s ongoing commitment to giving back to the community and supporting families during important periods. The campaign will run throughout the holy month of Ramadan, and customers are encouraged to participate in the spirit of sharing and giving.

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