Society Lady, Bimpe Sorinolu, Dead and Forgotten?

Bimpe Sorinolu, the sister to the former Ekiti State governor, Ayodele Fayose, breathed her last nine years ago; precisely, February 13, 2014. Her death, after a protracted battle with cancer of the breast, had, quite expectedly, sent her family, friends, fans and beneficiaries into prolonged mourning.

The feeling of anguish was not unexpected, especially because her earthly sojourn was defined by struggles and some unfulfilled dreams. Besides, she was unwittingly enmeshed in some controversies.

 A survivalist, she worked as a cab driver on the streets of London. As if that was not enough, she ventured into the business of fashion design, where she also made a name for herself as a seamstress of note.  Her fashion shop on Opebi, Night and Day, was a beehive of activities for trendsetters.

 She, indeed, shocked the world when she reportedly singlehandedly designed the first house she lived in with her husband, Dapo Sorinolu- a creative effort that wowed many trained architects.

Call her a restless spirit, and you would not be wrong. Her lifestyle, to many around her, was like a riddle that could not be easily cracked. She believed God had given her almost limitless talents or abilities, which must be deployed to good use. Perhaps, this was the impetus that goaded her into music and acting at different times in her life.

But it came to a stage when she went into self-discovery of a sort and realised that she needed to give more of her God-given resources to humanity. She thereby launched Bisochin-Bimpe Sorinolu Charity Initiative, which saw her traverse the length and breadth of Nigeria attending to the destitute and some less privileged citizens.

If no one still remembers her magnanimity or creativity, it is doubtful if anyone would have forgotten the fierce disagreement she had with her governor-brother. The face-off allegedly affected her marriage. While the feud lasted, she suffered a lot, as she was allegedly abandoned by her husband, who eventually married her policewoman friend, even when she was still hovering between life and death. Though she tried to settle with her husband, for a possible reunion with the children, she was rebuffed.

Sadly, years after her death, nothing spectacular has been done to keep her memories alive. Society Watch gathered that her mission, where she catered to the needs of destitute and less privileged children, is now a shadow of itself.  Aside from the first-year remembrance that was reportedly not well put together, the family seems to have forgotten the heroic deeds of this superwoman.

If the deceased could turn in her grave and look back, she would be at peace, knowing that her four children- Damola, Oyinkansola, Monjolaoluwa and Mojoyinola- have been reunited with their father.

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