Politics is No Longer on the Card for Segun Sebanjo

How many times does it need to be said that politics is not a game that anybody can participate in? Whereas there is no height requirement, IQ stipulations, or anything of the sort, politics is something that requires the heart and soul of an individual, not to mention their lives. As such, it is not altogether surprising that Segun Sebanjo, the man from Nord Oil, has allegedly decided to leave politics for calmer waters.

Although there is no credible source for this information, the news guys in the streets have already concluded the political destiny of Sebanjo. According to them, the man, although well-intentioned, does not have that ruthlessness that many existing politicians have. As a result, he would find more respite and reason to serve his country and people elsewhere, specifically where there is neither threat to life and welfare nor a deluge of deception and conspiracies.

There is much to be said about Sebanjo. As folks would likely remember, the gentleman announced his decision to represent Ogun East Senatorial District at the Senate in 2022. According to him, the district needed more than brawn to pull off much-anticipated changes in economic development and all-around sustainability. Believing himself to have this extra component, Sebanjo admonished the people of Ogun East to consider his plea to represent them at the Senate.

However, before the people could even come to a consensus on Sebanjo’s appeal, he had already stepped down for a different person, Seyi Oduntan. Although both Sebanjo and Oduntan belong to the same political party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), many people could not understand why it was seemingly so easy for him to withdraw from the race. Moreover, he has always been a good friend of the Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun.

But it is what it is. Whether Sebanjo will return to the corporate world remains to be seen.

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