BBTitans Update: Now That Khosi and Thabang Have Shared a Kiss

One of the trending stories from Big Brother Titans last week was the passionate kiss that Thabang and Khosi shared. For a while, sparks have been flying between the two housemates but given that Khosi has a love interest in the house, Yemi Cregx and Thabang were sort of involved with Nelisa, the two have tried to keep their feelings under wraps.

But on Thursday, they explored the burning passion by sharing a kiss. A blushing Khosi couldn’t resist asking for more after Thabang kissed her.

With their first kisses, it is still uncertain if Khosi who has a relationship outside the house and an ongoing one with Yemi Cregx will sail away with Captain Thabang. To viewers, their relationship was inevitable as the chemistry between them was visible.

Khosi also was on the lips of Tsatsii and Blue Aiva who thought that she was taking the spotlight from them.

With the housemates playing the games as individuals, tonight’s eviction will mark the first single eviction of the show and will sort of show the nominated housemates’ popularity. Up for possible eviction are Khosi, Kanaga Jr, Blue Aiva, Yvonne, Nana, Thabang, Tsatsii and Miracle Op.

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