Meta Reveals Behavioural Insight on Nigerian Shoppers to Guide Advertisers

Emma Okonji
To better understand the behaviours of people who observe Ramadan and who shop for the season, Meta has released the results of its annual global consumer research, which was conducted in partnership with YouGov, a global public opinion and data company.

The study, titled, “Ramadan and Eid Study,” included over 18,000 respondents from twelve countries, including Nigeria during Ramadan in 2022. The results show that the booming e-commerce industry is significantly driving the digital economy in Nigeria. 

According to the research report, hte average number of Reels created per day in Nigeria increased by over four per cent in the week after Eid vs the week prior to Eid. This reflects the transformation that Ramadan brings, with people showing a renewed sense of purpose. The research also highlights that 77 per cent of shoppers or observers in Nigeria felt more connected to a brand after seeing Ramadan or Eid content on Facebook or Instagram.

Ease of shopping during Ramadan is also a priority, with 84 per cent of shoppers or observers in Nigeria agreeing it’s easier to complete their Ramadan shopping with personalised product and gift suggestions. Furthermore, 88 per cent of shoppers or observers in Nigeria feel more connected to a brand through instant messaging during Ramadan and Eid. The research also shows that 78 per cent of shoppers or observers in Nigeria report spending more time watching videos online during Ramadan and Eid, the report said.

Ramadan represents an opportunity for brands to build trust among shoppers, with 81 per cent of shoppers or observers in Nigeria being more likely to trust a brand that partners with a trustworthy creator. Charitable donations are in the top five actions taken after viewing creator content during Ramadan. The use of augmented reality (AR) also has an influence on purchasing decisions, with 91 per cent of shoppers or observers in Nigeria who have used or are open to AR agreeing that these interactive and empowering experiences have an impact on their purchasing decisions, the report further said.

In addition, almost four in five shoppers or observers in Nigeria enjoyed personalised shopping experiences through Meta technologies, further highlighting the opportunities for businesses to connect with this diverse community of shoppers and observers.

Analysing the report, the Regional Director for sub-Saharan Africa at Meta, Enitan Denloye, said, “The 2023 Ramadan season is an opportunity for businesses to meaningfully connect with shoppers and observers and unlock new opportunities for discovery. By understanding the behaviours and attitudes of shoppers, which is made available from this study, businesses can leverage the shift in mindsets and effectively reach their vast and diverse communities.”

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