Taeps Presents 3D Animation to Boost Learning in Schools, Families

Emma Okonji

Taeps Animation Studios, at the weekend in Lagos, presented a 3D animation film called ‘Ewa’, created to enhance digital learning in schools, families and among adults who have passion for animation.    

‘Ewa’, which was created by a team of young Nigerians, was designed to tell the Nigerian and African stories, through 3D animation that is combined with digital technology.

Speaking at the film presentation, which attracted audiences from the animation, entertainment and arts industries, the CEO, Taeps Animation Studios, Mr. Adeoyin Okuboyejo, said ‘Ewa’ which resonates with Nigerian staple food, was created to tell the story of a young Nigerian kid called Ranti, who is faced with the dilemma of achieving his desires of growing taller before the next school year.    

According to him, “The primary target audience is between ages 5-26 years, the secondary target audience is the family, while the others are those adults that enjoy animation. For the primary audience who are still of school age, we plan to do a school tour to showcase ‘Ewa’ to school authorities. We believe it will help pupils and students of that age to learn faster, when they are exposed with study that combines animation with digital technology.

“The combination of animation with technology is all about digital technology that is currently driving learning across the globe. Ewa is about using computer animation to develop students learning skills and achieve their goals in their chosen careers. What we did was to use 3D animation, which is a combination of computer hardwareand software to create moving pictures that will make learning more interesting and more of a fun.”

Explaining what motivated the team into creating the 3D animation, Okuboyejo said: “Our team is passionate about using animation to tell the African story and how such story can impact learning. There are lots of foreign animations in our environment, including our schools, but none tells the African story. So Taeps Animation Studios developed Ewa, using the 3D animation to tell the ambition of a school boy called Ranti who has an ambition to grow tall and was supported by the encouragement from his mother and a bean that were always by him.”

Taeps Animation Studios is a media and entertainment company aimed at creating high quality African stories. It aspires to bring to screen, compelling storytelling through animated content that is relatable, entertaining and educative to a global audience, which is reflected in the production of ‘Ewa’, produced in 3D animation and stellar 4k, making it the first of its kind in Nigeria.

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