IbakaTV Makes Content More Accessible with New Offers

IbakaTV Makes Content More Accessible with New Offers

 Vanessa Obioha 

As streaming continues to gain traction in the film industry, IbakaTV has rolled out plans to make its content more accessible to subscribers.

One of such plans is the free data offer. 

At a media briefing recently, the Managing Director and Chief Executive officer of IbakaTV, Mr. Blessed Idomigie disclosed that the platform has come up with ways and technology for customers to access movie downloads and streaming easily and cheaper.

“We observed over time that a lot of customers find it difficult to stream movies because of the cost of content consumption. The issue is not the cost of subscription, but the cost of consuming the content,” he said.

“So we came up with an innovation in partnership with Globacom and MTN. The innovation is the new product we have just launched into the market, which is unlimited data for all our subscription packages.”

He further clarified that the subscription package did not change, rather it now comes with an added value. For instance, the N700 subscription plan on the platform which usually lasts for seven days without data now comes with 3GB of unrestricted data.

In addition, Idomigie explained that the data is being controlled by the subscriber. The subscriber can use it on other sites and upon renewal still gets the same value.

“We are also offering customers the technology to determine their download or streaming experience. For instance, when you are trying to watch a movie, the movies are usually in different sizes. We have come up with the technology for you to reduce the quality based on the data you want to spend,” he added.

Understanding that streaming is now a competitive sector in the market, IbakaTV which has about 100,000 subscribers is looking at penetrating the market with these offerings. Apart from the free data offering, it also has introduced the IbakaTV Reseller app which allows filmmakers, producers, and actors, to promote IbakaTV movies and make money. The platform is given as high as 10 per cent off the sale of subscriptions from the Reseller app.

The platform also plans to start creating original content by the first quarter of next year.

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