Marriott Clarifies Position on Abuja Sheraton’s Planned Closure  

Marriott Clarifies Position on Abuja Sheraton’s Planned Closure  

Justina Uzo

Marriott International which manages top hotels around the world including the Sheraton hotels in Nigeria has clarified its position following the announcement that the new owners of Abuja Sheraton Hotel, 22 Hospitality Limited, plans to close the luxury hotel.

It is learnt that 22 Hospitality Limited, a subsidiary of NIIPCO PLC, which recently acquired the majority shares, to become new owners, said they were desirous of carving a niche for itself by becoming a leading hospitality firm, offering premium services to customers, in accordance with global standards.

At present, there is a disagreement between the new owners of Abuja Sheraton hotel, 22 Hospitality Limited and the international hospitality management group managing the property, Marriott International, over the decision to close it. 

Marriott said “notice for closure was short.”  

Marriott, in a statement yesterday said the decision to close down the hotel in a matter of days was hurried and that it would cause a lot of distress to the hotel employees, as well as disrupt the guests. Commenting on the saga, Marriott spokesperson said: “The owners of the Sheraton Abuja Hotel have informed us that they intend to close the hotel in a matter of days. Whilst we acknowledge that the owners need to carry out significant renovation works at the hotel, we have objected to the closure on such short notice.

“We are concerned that the hurried manner of such closure will cause distress to hotel employees, and significant disruption to guests, suppliers and partners.”            

 After more than 30 years managing the Abuja property at Ladi Kwali, the hotel management group hinted that “we are now working with the HAPSSSA and NUHPSW unions to support the 291 hotel employees impacted by this rushed closure.”

NIPCO Plc is a key downstream operator in Nigeria’s oil and gas industry with footprints across the country.

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