Religious, Non-Governmental Organisations Urged to Promote Entrepreneurship

Religious, Non-Governmental Organisations Urged to Promote Entrepreneurship

The founder of YouthUp Global, Dr. Faith Nwaobia, has urged religious and non-governmental organizations in Nigeria to launch a campaign to encourage young entrepreneurship if the country’s rising rates of poverty are to be reduced and eventually eliminated.

Nwaobia stated at a symposium that it is time to go beyond rhetorical efforts to encourage youth entrepreneurship and take practical steps to ensure that young people accept it as a viable source of income. He contends that the lack of entrepreneurial thinking among Nigeria’s youth is detrimental to the country’s economic development.

The religious and non-governmental sectors, in Nwaobia’s opinion, are the most in touch with the populace and are crucial in establishing a way of life for them. According to him, these institutions ought to launch a campaign to promote entrepreneurship as a means of leading a fulfilling life while considering the many advantages of the unorganized sector. He asserted that the unorganized sector has the potential to significantly alter our country’s fate and that YouthUp will continue to support youth entrepreneurship.

Platforms like Clickafix, according to Nwaobia, are revolutionizing entrepreneurship in Nigeria by giving artisans chances to expand their businesses. He claimed that because Clickafix enables experienced and reliable artisans to connect with clients they may not have personally met and allows them to provide their services and be paid in real time, the concern of being unable to do business is eliminated.

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