Emmanuel: Political Assassination No Longer Norms in A’Ibom

Emmanuel: Political Assassination No Longer Norms in A’Ibom

Okon Bassey in Uyo 

Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mr Udom Emmanuel at the weekend noted that politically motivated assassination and kidnapping for ransom were no longer norms in the state since he assumed office seven years ago.

Emmanuel, also Chairman, Presidential Campaign Council, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), tasked the youths to resist any attempt by any individual to use them as instruments to foment trouble and cause harm to follow citizens during the electioneering.

He made the remarks in a state broadcast to mark the state’s 35th anniversary, noting that the youths “have decided to protect the identity and soul of the state by maintaining the peace.” 

According to him, our people are no longer being kidnapped, neither are politically motivated assassinations the norm as it used to be. Anti-social tendencies are almost nonexistence. Our youths have decided to protect the identity and soul of the state by maintaining the peace. 

He said: “From Uyo to Mbo, Ibeno to Ekpat Akwa, all over the state, you can move peacefully without the fear of being attacked, it was not always like this, you will all agree with me.

“Because of the peace and security we have here in our state, we remain the destination of choice for conferences, seminars across the nation,” he added. 

He cautioned against returning the state to the dark years of insecurity, brigandage, kidnapping, intolerance of differing opinion, leadership that equates self to God.

He said: “We have enjoyed peace in this state, we must resist the urge by certain individuals, who motivated by power want to turn this state into a cauldron of violence.

“Politics should not break the cords of our unity. Politics should not be used as an instrument to divide us. Politics should not cause division and enmity between brothers and sisters.

“Politics should rather be played without bitterness or without casting aspersions on one’s opponent’s character. Politics should respect some lines, lines of decency and respect for our common humanity.

“Akwa Ibom people are not known for violence. We are known for our even temperedness. We are known for our civility, our sense of comportment, our Godly tendencies, our deep devotion to family . 

“We must resist those who want to alter our identity for narrow political interest. Our state has risen and it must, and will move forward.”

“In the last seven years plus, we have ensured that you have peace in this state and that the security of life and property remain our first business of government.”

He expressed gratitude to security agencies, their leaders and operatives and also all Fathers in Faiths who, in the last seven years plus have cooperated and worked tirelessly and assiduously with him to ensure that there is a peaceful State.

He said the state government could not be faulted by critics in terms of development saying across all the sectors the state is on the trajectory of growth and development. 

He boasted that his administration has done exceedingly well in the area of aviation development, industrialisation, road, erosion control, agriculture, education and human capital development, health, power and sports among others.

“Akwa Ibom State today, I can boast and beat my chest has one of the most world- class network of economically viable roads constructed and commissioned by this administration.

“But posterity will judge us fairly, because we did the best we could for our people, we invested our resources in areas that will usher us into the true Land of Promise and prosperity. On this, I have no apologies or regrets towards these developments.”

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