Bode Olanipekun: A Befitting Birthday Celebration

I cannot lie, Bode is my friend and brother. I have eaten in his house before. His wife gave me fried plantain and chicken wings and was not even told that she had to put Coca Cola on ice which she did very perfectly.  Since then, Bode can do no wrong in my eyes.

Last week, as I sat with him at the Southern Sun Hotel discussing, my heart was shaking. Bode had approached me to partner him on a huge project. He was going to solely fund it as he believed that he had to give back to the country. He wanted an annual project that would push for the continuous unity and cohesion of the country. I liked the vision and jumped on it. We started work and the budget was humongous. It was huge and would pull in the top echelons of the society down to the common man on the street.

In meetings, Bode lighted up especially when the effects of the project on the citizenry was explained to him. He insisted that we had a showing for Nigerians without gate takings and pulled in one of the biggest PR and exponential firms in the country.

Then his firm ran into headwinds and he called. I was just about to take off to Abuja when the call came. “Duke, there has been a development, we need to talk.”

 Piss catch me. I didn’t enjoy the flight as my mind went to so many places. The project was already 100% executed at the level of visioning and logistics and over 60% at the level of execution.

Immediately we landed, I ran to the toilet to call him so that I could pee instead of wetting my pants from whatever bad news Bode was going to spill.

He said, “Duke, I am afraid we may have to pull back. It would not be a good PR for us at this time but I will continue to solely fund it with no immediate benefit to me or my firm.”

I fell on the floor. Is this a Nigerian? Is this a man? The budget we are talking about here is not a joke o. He says he will continue to fund it and he has kept to his words.

His support has put over 300 people to work, engaged three radio stations, involved the NTA and has empowered various young entrepreneurs. You see why Bode can do no wrong in my books. I am compromised, I tell you.

So, as he celebrates his 40th, didn’t even know say I comot 13 years from am, I beg all of you reading this column to stop immediately and send him a huge prayer of blessing and long life. Oya Aduraaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

Happy birthday bro.

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