Don’t Provoke Electorate, PDP Chieftain Warns Parties’ Leaders

Don’t Provoke Electorate, PDP Chieftain Warns Parties’ Leaders

Sylvester Idowu in Warri

A Chieftain of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) and former Delta State Gubernatorial Aspirant, Mr. Sunny Onuesoke, has advised warring executive members or leaders of political parties to sheet their swords and to avoid provoking Nigerian electorate that would decide their political fates.

Onuesoke gave the advice yesterday while addressing newsmen in Asaba, Delta State’

According to him, the present crisis rocking the executives and leadership of some of the political parties in Nigeria might provoke the electorates to shift their loyalties to other parties where peace and decorum reign. 

He said: “With their ballot papers, the ordinary citizens of this country have effected personnel changes in Aso Rock, the State Government Houses as well as the national and state legislatures. It is evidence that despite the bossy nature of the politicians, the people are the repositories of political power. They give power to some and deny it to others democratically.” 

The PDP’s chieftain observed that since the parties concluded their primaries, nearly three months ago and probably because of bitterness arising from them, the leaders and the members of the political parties are indulged in internal self-sabotage as an act of vengeance. 

Adding that they see nothing wrong with anti-party activities which might be all in the game, but a disservice to the cause of Nigerian democracy.

He lamented that the warring politicians are fouling the atmosphere in a primitive struggle for power for their own sake while ignoring the fundamental purposes of government and good governance.

He said: “They seem determined to rubbish Nigeria democratic credentials. The way they go about it makes you wonder if in their idle moments they spare some serious thoughts for a nation facing clear and obvious existential threats and requires sober heads and a civil tongue to give hope for the present and the future. Instead of the politicians to discuss issues of how to pull Nigeria out of the present predicament, they are rather involved in leadership struggle for their personal interest.”

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