Firms Urged to Imbibe Sound Corporate Culture

Speakers at the just concluded Technovation Conference 2022 have stressed the importance of sound corporate culture to organisational growth. 

The conference being put together by Financial Institutions Training Centre (FITC), gathered Fintech leaders, innovators, disruptors, and enthusiasts who rubbed minds together and proffered solutions to challenges within the financial services sector.

While addressing participants, Managing Director of Remita Payment Services Limited (RPSL), Deremi Atanda who spoke on the theme, ‘Best Practice Approaches to Building a Winning Organisational Culture’ described a winning culture as one that delivers overall success to organisations and businesses. 

He further defined organisational culture as the practical and pervasive implementation of norms, practices, ideals and values within an organisation.

He noted that RPSL has remained relevant in the market place due to its adopted corporate culture.

“Remita currently processes over N21 trillion (US$46 billion) annually and serves as the Payment technology infrastructure for Nigeria’s Treasury Single Account (TSA) and major merchants and businesses.

“And as a 30-year-old business, it is humbling that we have some customers who have been with us from day one who have followed through the different iterations of our business.”

He added that a dysfunctional culture eats organisation’s customer base as well as talents, as employees fail to see the purpose of their daily work.

He said, “To operate a winning work culture, you need to determine what you believe in, communicate its importance, and remind your employees to adhere to them in an engaging manner.

“Employees are increasingly craving connection and communication; therefore, leadership must be completely transparent, promote honest communication, and encourage dialogue.”

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