People with Disabilities Call for Inclusiveness

People living with disabilities have called for inclusiveness in all spheres of life, for them to have a sense of belonging. The call was made by the Kwara Women Leader for Joint National Association of

People with Disabilities (JONAPED), Mrs Joy Bolarin,  in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Ilorin yesterday.

She said people with disabilities could use their talents to contribute meaningfully to the society, adding that “our disability doesn’t mean liability.

“We can be what we want to be if given an enabling environment to thrive by using our talents to contribute meaningfully to the society.

“The way we can be given a voice is through inclusiveness. Any activity or programme in the society, people with disabilities should be included.

“We should be given a voice so that whenever decisions are taken, we will be able to give our inputs.

“We should be given equal opportunities in education, marriage, job opportunities and leadership; we need representation everywhere.

“We should be allowed to speak because he who wears the shoe, knows where it pinches.”

Bolarin, who is also the Founder, Jibore Impeccable Foundation, which promotes ability in disability, said people with disabilities could also do things able-bodied people do.

She said people with disabilities have been discriminated against in so many ways, “but the truth is that we can also do everything an able-bodied man or woman do.

“Our physical appearance doesn’t affect the work we do; we take care of our homes, children and things we ought to do. “There is ability in disability.”

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