Enugu 2023: Journalists Warn PDP against Undermining Justice, Equity, Fairness

Enugu 2023: Journalists Warn PDP against Undermining Justice, Equity, Fairness

Ejiofor Alike

Nsukka Journalists Foundation (NJF) in Enugu State has warned the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state against undermining  justice, equity and fairness in the selection of their flag bearers in the state.

In a statement signed by the Chairman and Secretary of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees (BOT), Messers Ike Abonyi and Paul Odenyi and the acting Chairman and Secretary of the foundation, Mrs. Amaka Nnaji~Ukwaba and Brendan Eze respectively, the Non-governmental Organisation (NGO) frowned at what it described as the devious moves to resurrect the dreaded Ebeano politics in the state.

The NGO in their statement titled “Enugu State Governorship Race: We demand justice for Isi Uzo” aligned itself with the call for the retention of the existing zoning formula in the state which zones the gubernatorial ticket to Enugu East in 2023. It however noted the ongoing dangerous scheming  to deny Isi Uzo Local Government Area of any of the five key positions available for the zone – Governor, Senator and five House of Representatives members.

The group noted that it has monitored closely the political schemings in the state ahead of 2023 general election.

“We restrained ourselves from delving into the partisan politics because our members interest are divergent  and varied along party and individual lines. “But our constitution mandates us to show more than passing interest in the political activities leading to the selection of leaders in line with our motto, ‘Conscience of the People,” the statement said.

“It’s against this backdrop therefore that we are under obligations to advise political leaders in the state especially the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, against doing anything that will undermine the political harmony in the state. And for them to ensure also that they are strongly guided by the principles of justice, equity and fair play in all their dealings.

“While we are in agreement with the school of thoughts asserting that the zoning formular in the state since 1999 should be retained because it has helped to create political stability in the state, we demand that there is the need to step up the justice by further micro zoning to ensure that the sense of belonging is total and all embracing.

“The NJF is particularly concerned at the devious acts going in the name of politics to domicile all political positions in Enugu East in just one area of the senatorial zone.

“Our findings show that political leaders in the state are trying to pick the three House of Representatives, the Senate and the Governorship in one area that has already produced Governors, Ministers before now as against Isi Uzo that has not,” the statement further explained.

The group vowed to vehemently oppose any move to totally deny the Isi Uzo local Government Area in Enugu East of their dues.

According to the statement, Isi Uzo LGA is politically and geopolitically part and parcel of Enugu East senatorial zone but has remained grossly marginalised in appointments and infrastructural developments.

NJF argued that it would be the height of injustice in the land to eschew Isi Uzo in all the five key elective positions from Enugu East.

“We noticed that this intrigue started when a deliberate move began few years ago to bury the Gburuburu Movement and resurrect the dreaded Ebeano political family that many Enugu State families have wrong and traumatising memory of.

“NJF therefore wants to warn that it would mobilise its people and men and women of goodwill elsewhere in the state in support of its kith and kin suffering oppression in Enugu East. NJF would also take copious and profuse interests in the role of political or corporate leaders particularly from Nsukka in the propagation of this injustice against Isi Uzo people. NJF will mobilise the people against such and wear them their correct garb as betrayers of their people,” the group said.

NJF advised Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to take into consideration the justices against Isi Uzo so as not to incur the wrath of the masses.

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