Real Reasons Pastor Sam Adeyemi Relocated to the US

Sam Adeyemi

Sam Adeyemi


Life is too precious to be spent fighting other people. This is a lesson that people should learn and learn quickly. From every indication, notable author, public speaker, and Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Center, Sam Adeyemi, knows this lesson well. Those claiming to be in the know have reported that Adeyemi’s understanding of this lesson is the primary reason he is no longer in Nigeria but in the United States where dreams come true and governments aren’t petty.

October 20, 2020, will likely be recorded in Nigeria’s history books as a day that saw the heart of Nigeria crack. While there is still no consensus regarding whether military persons shot and killed unarmed youths who were on a peaceful protest or not, the fact that there is even a debate on the possibility of this is alarming. But that day was remembered in 2021 by many prominent Nigerians including Pastor Adeyemi.

For someone who is actively involved in efforts to stimulate the potential of young Nigerians, it was not at all strange to see Pastor Adeyemi supporting the #EndSARS movement in 2020 or remembering the October-20 incident. However, his support has allegedly cost him more than he is willing to admit to his followers.

As such, reports claim that he relocated to the US to have peace of mind. It is no secret that certain individuals attempted to have Pastor Adeyemi, among others, convicted for supporting the youths that took part in the #EndSARS protest. Although the case was thrown out of court for his absolute absurdity, scars were left on the mind of the Daystar pastor. And these scars motivated him to leave the country for ‘the owners.’ Or so the reports claim.

In truth, Pastor Adeyemi is still very committed to helping Nigerians grow out of mediocrity and thoughtlessness. He is just doing it out of – rather than within – the country. After all, a virtuous person can sacrifice their own life, but only mad people would let someone else assault their families. And Pastor Adeyemi is no mad man.

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