Firm to Reward Innovations in Financial Sector

Firm to Reward Innovations in Financial Sector

The organisers of the Instinct Business Finance Innovation Awards (IBFIA) is set to hold the sixth edition of the award to further drive performance and excellence in the financial sector.

Previously known as the Ghana Finance Innovation Awards (GFIA), the initiative was put together to identify and reward extraordinary performance in the financial industry on an Africa- wide scale.

Specifically, the organisers noted that the initiative would recognise and honour stakeholders who have contributed to the smooth running of financial services in the face of the global pandemic.

Chief Executive Officer of Instinct Wave, Mr. Akin Naphtal, described the scheme as an impetus that propels human motivation in terms of contribution to the growth of African economy.

He expressed that the event, which will hold in Ghana, was drawn to inspire a new generation of robust work ethics, industry leaders and desired processes in the finance sector.

“We cannot underestimate the role of the financial sector and its importance to national and continental development. We are excited to honour and celebrate with organisations at the forefront of promoting economic growth and lifting the veil on individuals and firms that have contributed immensely to the sector.

“Given the adverse impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on Africa’s economic development, the IBFIA will recognise those businesses that have gone beyond responding and recovering, but transforming and rebuilding their organisation in the new norm occasioned by the pandemic for a stronger future.

“IBFIA will also spotlight those working across the financial industry and finance support service providers, who have worked tirelessly to achieve incredible success for their clients.”

Naphtal encouraged qualified organisations across Africa to apply before the award ceremony in March.

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