Joseph Edgar Set to Release ‘Anonymous Nipples’

Anonymous Nipples, a Coffee Table Book authored by renowned producer and author, Joseph Edgar is a provocative and exclusive book about women for men.

The 142-page book comes with some of the most provocative pictures and strong writings from seasoned icons like Alibaba and Regina Askia.

Speaking on the book, Edgar stated: “The Book was born out of the need to throw up these issues as regards our sexuality so that we can openly discuss them in a bid to strengthen relationships.

The book in many convincing ways would streamline communications between sexes and couples in a bid to strengthen bonds.”

This bedside collection of views and perception would address the communication gap between couples as the book aims at bringing out things people shy away from discussing in the open and adding to why he featured some creative minds in the book he discloses that, “This was in a bid to get other perspectives so that we don’t just narrow opinions to that of the author only.”

With the release set for February, the buzz has started with many people curious and anticipating the economy of content to be read, absolved and digested from the book.

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