Firm Urges Lecturers to Solve Societal Problems

Firm Urges Lecturers to Solve Societal Problems

The Executive Secretary of Africa Brands Review, Mr. Joseph Ayodele has stressed the need for university lecturers to get interested in outstanding schools and how their research can contribute to solving the socio- economic situation in the country.

Ayodele, who made this known while briefing journalists on plans by the organisation to hold an outstanding professors award and conference with the theme ‘Future of Education and Education of the Future’, said university dons must be able to solve organisational problems, which will inevitably rub off on their students.

“As a university, your professor must be solving problems for organisations such that when they are recruiting students, they should be able to consider those from your institution.”

Speaking on the conference which will hold on October 31 at the Airport Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos, he said it is designed to give heads of schools, principals, educational leaders, administrators, counsellors, teachers, policy makers among others, a robust non-specialist source of international comparative trends shaping education in high schools or universities.

He said stakeholders at the conference would learn how to effectively prepare students for the rigours of university education, techniques to improving outcomes in Nigerian schools, effective parenting as a catalyst, challenges of building institutions designed for student’s sucesss in tomorrow’s world, effective options for university education, among others.

“The overall aim is to encourage schools that are doing well, if we can have at least 1,000 standardised schools in Nigeria, that would have solved the problem of education in the country. The conference will present opportunities for parents and students eager to make career choices to interact and ask notable Nigerian professors questions.These are professors that have been profiled and qualify as meeting the criteria for the 2019 who is who in the annals of Nigerian professors.

“They have contributed to the pool of knowledge, published papers in international journals as original research, developed a thesis and hypotheses that were acknowledged as an international breakthrough and have an enviable record in the production of PhD students in their fields,” Ayodele stressed.

He added that the conference, will provide an opportunity to celebrate some universities that did well in the global universities ranking.
Since 2012, he said his organisation has conducted a number of innovative workshops in the education sector and has successfully commenced an annual principal’s academy for teaching in-depth understanding of the 21st century roles and responsibilities of the principals, as well as helping old and experienced ones in the usage of cash flow projections as an effective tool for school development.

“The principals’ academy will aid the teacher’s leadership development and smooth transition into the principalship role, “Ayodele said.

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