Third Baby Mama Hits Wizkid Hard

Ferdinand  Ekechukwu

Barely 24 hours after celebrating his birthday on Tuesday July 16, Wizkid’s (Ayo Balogun) third baby mama and manager, Jada Pollock, has accused him of domestic violence. Pollock made the allegations on Wednesday when she announced their split. She alleged that the singer hit her multiple times during the relationship. The aggrieved lady claimed that she had been covering up for so long and finally letting go as her son cannot be raised in an unhealthy environment. 

In a post shared on her Instastory channel, Jada started off by noting that she would no longer be working with the father of her child. The 35 year old said she had been in an abusive relationship with the much loved singer for years, and she had only been covering up for him. She claimed that he repeatedly beats her up and leaves her with bruises that had to be hidden from family and friends. “From today, Ayo and I will no longer work together. I have been in an abusive relationship with him for years. Covering up for him time and time again and I am tired. 

“Wiz continuously puts his hands on me, leaves me with bruises that I cover up from the world, including my friends and family. It often feels like we are at war in the same house. I have done all I can to keep this all together but from today, I let go. You can support someone as much as you can but at some point, you have to value yourself. I can’t raise my son in this kind of unhealthy environment,” Pollock wrote. 

Wizkid’s second baby mama, Binta Diallo was among the early birds who commented on Jada’s post on Instagram. Over the last few years, Wizkid’s first and second baby mamas; Shola Ogudugu and Binta Diallo had accused him of parental neglect. However, a look at Jada Pollock’s Instagram page shows that she still represents Wizkid as his management. Even the photos of Wizkid and their son are still on her Instagram page. 

Wizkid’s relationship with Pollock began on professional terms before the arrival of their child causing rifts between the mothers of his children. In May 2018, the relationship between the mothers of Wizkid’s second and third children reached an all-time low. 

They were both caught up in a social media rift after Pollock praised Wizkid for being such an amazing father. Pollock is an entertainment veteran also known as Jada Styles. The stylist previously worked for Gucci. She is the head of her consulting business firm she shared with African football star Didier Drogba. 

She is responsible for the branding of many affluent and prominent football players. The daily star and West London Living once referred to her as a highly acclaimed image guru.

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