Tween Metseagharun Launches First Book, Vehemence

Cover page of the book, Vehemence

Cover page of the book, Vehemence

Sunday Ehigiator

Nine-year-old tween, Nola Metseagharun, as a year five pupil of Corona School, Lekki, recently launched her first published book titled ‘Vehemence’.

The event which enjoyed solidarity from families, friends, parents and classmates of the nine-year-old, was strategically held on the just celebrated Children’s Day to encourage children to always be intentional in nurturing and showcasing their talents.

It was also targeted at imbibing the right mentality in parents towards supporting their wards with everything necessary for their grooming.

Speaking with THISDAY, Metseagharun, who said she started writing quite early at age five, revealed that she was inspired to write Vehemence by her dad to encourage children to be of good behavior and obedient to their parents or guardians at all time.

According to her, “although I am 10 years old now, my dad told me that at the age of five I was a very good writer, and he inspired me to write this book. I am in year five now. The title of the book is Vehemence. It is about a young girl who saves her people from a very wicked witch.

“I intend to pass a message to children all around the world to never be rude and also adhere to prescribed punishment for a wrong doing. I hope that someday, I will become a prominent writer in the future and also a pediatrician.

“My role models are my pastors-Pastor Nike Adeyemi and Pastor Sam Adeyemi. They are my role models because they are very courageous and kind people. They love to help and take care of motherless children.”

Father of the author, Mr. Opemi Metseagharun, also in an interview with THISDAY, expressed his delight at the creative ability of his daughter.

According to him, “It was an amazing day for us, especially as we are launching this work in a period when the world is celebrating children. It is a good feeling for us.

“Our role for her as parents was and is to guide her through what her dreams and desire is. We observed while she was five years old, that she has the potential to write. Our task here was to encourage her by giving her all the necessary support required.

“We thank God for the feat she has just attained today. As we await her decisions on her future to be a pediatrician to begin to manifest, we would be here to help her circulate her current book and others yet in the making, all around the world, which is also her dream.

“My children’s day message would be to parents. They should know that every child is born with at least a gift or talent. They should try as much as possible to create enough time for their children and help them discover these abilities. And also provide the right encouragement and mentorship to them so they can get it right early enough.”

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