Chief of the Naval Staff’s Official Photographer Wins International Award

Chief of the Naval Staff’s Official Photographer Wins International Award

Chiemelie Ezeobi

The movie script of Petty Officer AbdulKareem Usman Dauda of the Nigerian Navy, who is the official photographer to the Chief of the Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Ibok-Ete Ibas, has won the

My Movie Script has just won the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival.
For Dauda, this is his second literary award as his debut novel, African Cowboys won 2011 Readers Favorite Award Contest in the USA. However, it was his recent publication titled the “Grandfather’s Address” they won him the festival’s award.

The literary piece centered around an ex-con in Nigeria who reunites with his former girlfriend, now a counterterrorism expert for the FBI, as they work to stop a bloody religious war being orchestrated by a powerful politician.

Set in Nigeria, the story is about a university student-turned-criminal named Jarlo who’s framed by his fellow gang members and sent to prison.

Upon his release, Jarlo was elated to reunite with his former girlfriend Zainab, now a counterterrorism expert for the FBI. But as Jarlo attempts to get back on his feet, he soon finds himself at the center of a bloody religious clash between Muslims and Christians.

To make matters worse, Jarlo also uncovers evidence that Zainab’s father, the powerful Senator Sharif, has instigated it, killing many innocents along the way.

As such, Jarlo leads a team to squash the violence, but is soon overpowered. Now captured and under threat of execution, Jarlo must hatch a desperate plan to thwart his captors and bring Senator Sharif to justice without endangering his relationship with Zainab…or stand to lose all that matters to him.

Speaking to THISDAY, Dauda said he believes the dynamic characters, major suspense and gritty action in “Grandfather’s Address” will appeal to a very wide audience.

The Calcutta International Cult Film Festival is a monthly online international event. Each month World film industry specialists announce 20 officially selected films and movies scripts in each category and out of them one film and a script receives the Best of Category award.

All the officially selected films and movies scripts receive CICFF Certificate. In addition, the best of each month’s category will compete with all the others at the end of the year and the best of the best in each category will receive the prestigious GOLDEN FOX AWARD and they will be screened in the presence of a live audience.

The annual event will be a glamorous red carpet premiere with press conferences and gala parties at Kolkata in the presence of international movie celebrities. The participants will have excellent opportunities to have their scripts picked by movie producers from Hollywood and Bollywood, exchange their ideas, ideologies and cultural innuendoes.

The winners will have a chance to meet with the audience and participate in a wuestion and answer after the screening. Next edition will take place in January 2020 at the film and cultural centre in Kolkata, India.

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