For Children’s Day, It’s Story Theatre with Grandma Wura

Theatre with Grandma Wura, a musical experience with rich spectacle is back this season. The show which opens today will end with a special performance on Monday, May 27 which is Children’s Day. This time, the musical features “Adio the Musical’’, a piece written, directed and produced by Bola Edwards with songs composed by Patrick Edwards.

“This year, we worked with physically challenged children from Pacelli School for the Blind in Lagos just to emphasise the importance of gifts and talents despite any challenges we face. It is a family show as well as schools, corporate organisations and the entire society. We intend to tour with this tory to begin to engage society about leadership issues by starting a conversation that a great leader starts with the heart,’’ Patrick said.

Meanwhile the character of Grandma Wura was created to push the Back2MyRoot project. Mrs. Edwards explained that the ‘Story Theatre with Grandma Wura’ combines all the elements of Grandma Wura’s mission of raising a new generation leader through her school tours, contents, events and other activities into a single unforgettable theatrical experience.

“An audience of over 2000 in total is expected to be in attendance which includes schools, families, religious worship groups and government officials as well as celebrities from various works of life,’’ she said.

She added that the production assembles seasoned professionals in acting and theatrical production while discovering and developing child actors.

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