Truckers Bemoan Brutalisation, Extortion by Security Operatives

Truckers plying the Apapa port access roads have accused security agencies of brutalising and extorting them calling on the federal government to take urgent steps to address the situation
The road haulage operators under the aegis of Containerised Truck Owners (CTO) were unequivocal in their lamentations that the persisting trauma that they are subjected to in trucks queues parked on roads/bridges seriously compromise the health of their lives and their vehicles.

CTO is a nascent amalgam of the Association of Maritime Truck Owners (AMATO) and the Container Truck Owners Association of Nigeria (COTOAN).

In a communiqué signed by the duo of Remi Ogungbemi, and Wasiu Oloruntoyin, representing AMATO and COTOAN, respectively, the truckers amalgam stated: “We are hereby using this platform to beg the Federal and Lagos State governments to urgently look into our plight, which has resulted in the following: untimely deaths of truck drivers while on the queues of parked haulage vehicles; inability of the drivers on those parked trucks queues to bathe, eat, sleep and rest adequately; exposure of the truck drivers on the queues to regular harassment by street urchins, commonly known as area boys; truckers on the queues are being subjected to wanton extortion by countless security agencies at alarming rates ranging between N80,000 and N120,000 on each truck, depending on the particular operator’s power of negotiation; the trucks on the queues are also routinely exposed to vandals who constantly damage the vehicles and steal various critical parts, which replacements further drain the lean purses of the operators; and the drivers on the queues are subjected to serial brutalisation and dehumanisation by sadistic security operatives.”

The truckers body noted that apart from the seasonal spike in imports, Nigeria also contends with increased security challenges caused by marauding criminal elements as well as high incidents of extortionate tendencies by rampaging unscrupulous security operatives along the ports access roads.

In its words: “Ideally, the Christmas season spells good tidings and joy, but, in the current poor conditions our members are contending with on Lagos ports access roads, the Yuletide can only spell “sorrow, tears and blood” for us, except the Federal and Lagos State governments hearken to our cries and save our lives and means of livelihoods.”

They made a passionate appeal to members of the general public, especially those that reside around the corridors where trucks are either queued or parked, to kindly lend their voices to help the truckers in prevailing on the concerned authorities to do the needful by introducing an automated system to regulate movement of trucks in and out of the ports.

The proposed automated system, according to the truckers, will effectively help keep the ports access roads clear by ensuring that all the trucks would not be heading for the ports at the same time.

The truckers are also appealing for the support of the general public in prevailing on government to “provide a place to serve as truck terminal at our (truckers’) expense, only for trucks that are already booked to load in the ports.”

They point out that, no matter the capacities of the existing or future container holding bays, the facilities will always contend with under-utilisation because conveyance of the boxes still rested so much on overcoming the traffic gridlock.

“We are also appealing to the Lagos State Government for the expansion of the Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu (ABAT) Trailer Park at Orile Iganmu that was faithfully started this year. If completed, it will reduce the volume of trucks going to the ports for business purposes.

“We passionately appeal to the Lagos State Government to call back to site the contractor handling the expansion of the ABAT Trailer Park at White Sand, Orile, because the contractor has evacuated all his equipment from the site, “they said.

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