Courier Plus Opens in Nairobi, Kenya.

Courier Plus Limited, a wholly owned Nigerian company has launched its operations in Nairobi Kenya. Located at Unit 26, Ground Floor, Vision Plaza, Mombasa Road, Nairobi , the company will provide world class services to corporate organisations, government agencies and individuals in the East and Central Africa.

Speaking at the opening ceremony held at Radisson Blu Hotel, Nairobi, President /CEO Superflux Group , the parent company of Courier Plus Mr. Tokunbo Talabi described the Courier Plus story as that of tenacity of purpose and breaking stereotypes that only international companies can offer excellent services backed by global best practices.

He said that success in any human endeavor is anchored mainly in driving people, process and infrastructure to deliver service excellence. ‘
“It is about integrity and sincerity of purpose at all times while also building a culture of execution” Mr. Talabi said.

Describing the giant steps taken by the company since its takeover in 2012, the Superflux CEO said: “The Company was acquired in 2012 by the Super flux Group and within two years it had transformed its service, reputation and moved to number four position in the market only after the three international courier companies. This was a remarkable feat being that there are over 300 courier companies in Nigeria alone”

Talabi said that the main reason for being in Kenya is to build a formidable network across Africa. “We strongly believe this is the time for value to be created by Africans for Africans. Value in terms of revenue and profits that will feed our families, grow our economies and bring as many people out of poverty; value in terms of education, experience and exposure that will be shared between our people creating more informed and competent workforce; and most importantly the value of connectivity via road, rail, air and sea which is the enabler for trade within and across border”.

Also speaking at the event, Regional Head, East and Central Africa of Courier Plus, Mrs. Maureen Kolenyo said that the opening of the Nairobi office is quite strategic at this time and will leverage opportunity on the economic hub in both regions.
“Logistically, Kenya has direct flights to all the countries in East and Central Africa; therefore, setting up office in Nairobi will allow us to offer superior services to our customers across the region,” Kolenyo said.

She said that Courier Plus have put an elaborate plan to open drop-off point and agents in various counties to serve the domestic market.
Courier Plus which is one of the top four logistics and distribution companies in Nigeria plans to expand its operations to other African countries in the coming months.

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