YANDI, Nigeria’s Latest Online Mall Takes off in Grand Style

Mary Ekah
A brainwork of a set of young Nigerian entrepreneurs out to revolutionise the experience of consumers kicked off in a grand style last Friday with the Black Friday Deal, where everyone had an opportunity to buy anything they wanted at the most affordable prices. YANDI, according to the initiators represents the phrase Yo
u & I (Y-AND-I), with the theme “connecting U and I to everything”.

The recently launched platform is the first online platform in Nigeria that opens a larger inventory option to both buyers and sellers. Speaking on the mission of YANDI in the e-commerce space in Nigeria, Mr. Scott C. said customers are set to enjoy a whole new experience in shopping.

“We provide online store spaces for different stores, brands, companies and individuals, giving the buyers a large market to select from and opportunities to pick out the most favorable place of purchase for their desired goods or services,” he noted.

YANDI, Eneje said has a payment system that assures one of the safest online shopping payment methods “which gives you full control of how you pay for your goods or services from your comfort zone and with ease.”

He listed out some of the beautiful and amazing services on offer at YANDI that cut across everyone to include ‘The Buy Naija Deal’, ‘The Transformers Deal’, ‘YANDENTITY Deal’, which give customers a platform to customize and design any product they wish to buy as well as the ‘Bidding Deal’. Another unique introduction is ‘The YANDI Used Platform’ – that support used product and connect buyers with sellers directly. On his part, Mr. Eddy G. Udom explained why YANDI should be the first point of call for customers going forward. “Here at YANDI, the customers mean everything to us, and we make it our duty to truly connect everything to everyone.

Thus, you are assured of an online shopping experience like no other. With an open market of unlimited services and products to choose from, YANDI offers a wide selection of items that spread across every human needs and wants.” He also stated that Yandi.com.ng is the most suitable avenue to advertise and sell your products to prospective buyers. “Sellers get an online store where buyers visit to view and purchase their products. With us, It’s a win – win for everyone,” he pointed out.

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