Jonathan: My Achievements in Government Unrivaled, Visible

Dr. Goodluck Jonathan
  • Attacks Shettima, dismisses Abdullahi’s book as ‘sore grapes, full of lies, gossip’

Yemi Adebowale

Former President Goodluck Jonathan friday debunked Borno State Governor, Kashim Shettima’s allegations of poor governance during his tenure, stressing that his achievements during his five years in power remained unrivaled.

Shettima, during a book launch on Thursday in Abuja, had stated that Jonathan wasted the goodwill he commanded, because of his bad governance and poor choices he made while in office.

The Borno State governor also accused Jonathan of thinking that he was behind the kidnap of the Chibok girls.

But Jonathan, in a statement signed by his media adviser, Ikechukwu Eze, debunked the allegations and also described the criticism of his handling of the Chibok girls saga by Shettima as “parochial and jaundiced.”

Eze, in the statement, further challenged the governor to come clean on the role he allegedly played in the kidnap of the Chibok school girls, emphasising that “it goes beyond the dismissive claim that Jonathan thought I kidnapped Chibok girls.”

The statement reads: “He (Shettima) should be able to tell us if it was Jonathan’s poor choices that led the governor to expose students of Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok to avoidable danger, in total disregard of a federal government directive to the governors in the three states most affected by Boko Haram to relocate their students writing the West African School Certificate Examinations to safe zones.”

Jonathan also expressed strong reservations about the recently launched book, “On a Platter of Gold- How Jonathan won and lost Nigeria,” authored by former Minister of Youth and Sports, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi, in which the former President was likewise severely criticised.

The statement disclaimed the book, describing it “as sore grapes, full of lies and gossip.”

Eze’s statement reads: “As a man who had never seen anything good in the administration of former President Jonathan on account of party and other differences, it has remained our considered view that in a democracy, Governor Kashim Shettima and others like him are entitled to their opinion, no matter how jaundiced.

“However, it is a sad commentary on the character of some of our politicians that they go to any length to make spurious statements, in pursuit of the sad narrative to remain politically correct. We cannot be deceived by his crocodile tears and patronising claim that ‘Jonathan is essentially a decent man,” which is a ploy he deployed to justify his false allegation of a lost glory.

“The man who today speaks of squandered goodwill should be able to tell Nigerians what percentage of the votes Jonathan got in 2011 from Borno State at the height of that his envisaged glory according to Shettima, and what it became in subsequent elections. What was obvious yesterday, and has remained so today, is that Governor Shettima and those who think like him never liked Jonathan based on some parochial and paternalistic sentiments.

“We didn’t expect anything less from Governor Shettima, knowing the ignoble roles he played in frustrating the war waged by the past administration against Boko Haram, even in his own Borno State.

“He should be able to tell us if it was Jonathan’s poor choices that led the Governor to expose students of Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok to avoidable danger, in total disregard of a Federal Government directive to the Governors in the three states most affected by Boko Haram to relocate their students writing the West African School Certificate Examinations to safe zones.

“The Governor is now denying that he had no hand in the kidnap of the Chibok girls even before anybody accused him of culpability. However, we share the view of those who insist that the Governor had other things up his sleeve when he promised the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) that he would secure the girls, and ended up doing the very opposite, by deliberately abandoning them to their fate, without any security presence in their school.

“It is instructive that while other governors in the zone heeded the security advice, Shettima remained the only one that flagrantly flouted it. Should we also fail to point out that his decision to reward the principal of Chibok Secondary School, who was uncharacteristically absent on the night terrorists stormed the school, with the post of a commissioner, did throw up more questions than answers?

“Talking about accountability, perhaps, Shettima should also do well to explain to the good people of Borno State and Nigerians what he did with the over N60 billion Local Governments fund, left by his predecessor, Ali Mode Sheriff.

“We understand Shettima and those who spoke like him accused Jonathan of bad governance and poor choices, and we would like to know if it was bad governance that led Jonathan to assemble a-yet-to be matched crop of dynamic cabinet and economic management team made up of tested technocrats like Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala in Finance Ministry, Dr. Shamsuddeen Usman in Planning, Mr. Olusegun Aganga in Trade and Investments, as well as Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, leading the charge in Agriculture.

“The efforts of the Jonathan administration in repositioning Nigeria’s economy remain self-evident and it must have in deed been poor choices at their best for Jonathan and his team to have recorded the following key achievements: Nigeria’s Gross domestic Product rose to $503bn in 2013 and became Africa’s largest economy and 26th in the world; from 3rd and 46th respectively.

“Nigeria became the number one destination for Foreign Direct Investment in Africa under former President Jonathan, with the numbers rising from US$24.9 million as at 2007 to over US$ 35 billion in 2014. Jonathan Government delivered over 25,000 kilometres of motorable federal roads from just a quarter of that number in 2011.

“The Jonathan Administration resuscitated the railways in the country after about 30 years of hiatus. Jonathan’s Agricultural Transformation Agenda ended fertilizer racketeering, encouraged more young Nigerians to take to farming, boosted local food production and took the country closer to self-sufficiency in food production by recording more than 50% reduction in food imports. It was as a result of this that the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations, for the first time, voted Nigeria the largest producer of Cassava in the world.

“Power generation under Jonathan was boosted to about 5,000 megawatts in 2014 up from 2,000 megawatts in 2011. Prices of food and other household items remained stable and inflationary pressure was down to a single digit.

“Under Jonathan, Nigeria controlled, clinically, Ebola outbreak to the admiration of the whole world, became Guinea-worm-free and also eradicated polio, with United States billionaire and renowned philanthropist Bill Gates, praising Nigeria’s successes against polio as one of the great world achievements of 2014. Sadly, polio has returned to the country with the likes of Shettima in charge of the endemic states.

“Under Jonathan, life expectancy in Nigeria rose from 47 years in 2010 to 54 years in 2015. Just before Jonathan left office, CNN Money projected that Nigeria’s economy in 2015 would become the third fastest growing economy in the world at 7% behind China at 7.3% and Qatar at 7.1%.

“Was it bad governance and poor choices that reformed the political and electoral processes to the extent that the United Nations is now pleading with the government of the day to strive to maintain the standards established by Jonathan?

“Fortunately, Nigerians know where they stand with all of their leaders. All those who are calling Jonathan names today, and accusing him of having become quite unpopular, should simply take a walk on the streets of any Nigerian city as real leaders do. That way, they will accurately gauge their own approval and test their popularity with the Nigerian people.

“On the book entitled ‘On a Platter of Gold- How Jonathan won and lost Nigeria’ written by Bolaji Abdullahi, National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress, we have watched for some time as some outrageous fabrications are extracted from its pages day after day by the media. When the publication of the book, with an ominous title was first mooted, we knew it will be full of bile and sore grapes. We didn’t expect truth, sincerity and accuracy of narration, given that the author, who was sacked from his ministerial position by the subject of the book, is now the spokesman for the ruling APC.

“We will therefore like to dissociate former President Jonathan from the book’s salacious contents, with all the obvious distortions, lies and exaggerations. Its pages are populated with gossip, politically influenced newspaper articles, uncoordinated raw data and unproven claims. Sadly, the author did not help matters, as there was no rigor or in-depth investigations towards establishing the veracity of the allegations the book contains.

“For instance, it is ridiculous for the author to have claimed that the President was forced to sack a certain minister by another cabinet member when the obvious truth known to all key members of the administration was that the President acted based on the recommendation of an internal committee that investigated the matter. This, unfortunately, is the kind of baseless claims and narrative that runs through the entire book, and it would be pointless devoting our time towards making a case by case response to all its ridiculous allegations.

“We will like to remind Nigerians of what former President Jonathan said earlier in the year when a similar book was published, that only the key actors in his Government and in the 2015 Presidential elections could give an exact account of what transpired, not speculations and conjectures by third party spectators. That time will come someday.”

  • Gbade Akinyooye

    Dissapointing. With all the corruption cases against his appointees, cronies even his wife, and so many unfinished state business etc. GEJ should be advised to stop talking.he should just enjoy his retirement in Otuoke and allow the people to rate his achievement.With his level of education,i expect a lot more than he is showing us.Why are African leader like this.We have a very long way to go.

  • Bobby T

    GEJ should be ashame of himself, by now he should be in jail for life with all the probes going on. He’s was the world dumbest president. This was why there was why the greatest corruption ever in Nigeria happened under him. He was just a figure head with nothing in his brain. Nigeria under him was governed by his jester wife and her cohorts.

    • Dauda

      Like Buhari, I am 100% certain you have no credit pass in English at the GCE. My son at age of seven can teach you English and it could sink even into your quota brain.

      • Milito

        Hahahaha @ quota brain….that was a classic!

  • vic

    yes jona boy, you achievements are there for all to see. the most laudable ones being:
    1. daily attacks by boko haram and you corrupting the military.
    2. kidnapping of the girls by boko haram.
    3. en mass looting of the national treasury including your wife.

    if you publicly accept your failures and ask for forgiveness from nigerians and be a born again good christian with good eyes and sound ears to hear so that you can see and hear clearly the voices of nigerians and promise to work for the poor masses of nigeria, then may be, nigerians can be persuaded to vote for you again in 2019. do you get me??? however your chances are nil to nothing.

  • TDaniels2

    Indeed Dombo! Considering the level of thieving, looting, and wanton corruption carried out under your watch , you’re right! Just keep leaving your cocoon world and think the gods of your father that you’re not roasting in a jail in sokoto or borno!

    • JayGeeX

      He does not need to thank ANYBODY that he’s not roasting ANYWHERE.. Stop casting foolish aspersions and go and arrest him if you have a case against him…

      • TDaniels2

        The cases against Jona, dombo speak for themselves! I don’t need to join issues with you. From the freezing of the criminal assets acquired by his wife to the billions stolen by his cucubine, Diezani and associates, no one needs to prove anything! His nemeses will eventually catch up with him. What did GEJ do his creek people? He met them in squalor, and still left them in squalor! You can pretend and cry crocodile tears, these don’t change the facts: GEJ is a crook and was surrounded by crooks! In any decent nation, where there is a rule of law, he will be in gulag by now!

        • JayGeeX

          If it is this cases that you people keep listing here, it can only be speaking to morons.

          What I said is simple. The weight and number of claims about theft that you have been swallowing should be enough to see more than all these media grandstanding nonsense… ALL THE WHILE the accusers are busy robbing us blind and crashing the system.

          Nemesis? Leave him out of this… Arrcoding to all you are saying you should have enough to catch him yourselves.

          And what is your own with GEJ’s people that you are coming here with your self righteousness? Is he the president of Nigeria or ‘his people’? And what was he supposed to do in 5 years? Especially after several decades of what the outsiders did to his people? How did the Northern leaders meet their people? How are they now? In wealth?

          What you stated are NOT FACTS, they are opinions… and you know what they say about opinions. By the way, the ‘crook’ and his cabinet are SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for the trio of BVN, TSA and IPPIS, the ONLY TRULY SUSTAINABLE TOOLS for checking graft especially in a polity like ours that has been bastardized by quota system brigands and charlatans over decades.

          No rule of Law? Funny you said that.. have you asked how come there is no rule of law in a ‘government of integrity’…The people that should be in the gulag are the ones that claim certificates they do not have under oath.. and when asked, they feature 13 SAN and 10 lawyers…

          • TDaniels2

            What’s argument? If you’re incapable of having an honest and proper debate, why resort to abuses? Whether south-south, north, west , or east a common disease bind them together. GREED, I don’t care which part of Nigeria you come from..
            If you’re incapable of seeing the tree for the forest, then I submit that you’re indeed part of the problem!

          • JayGeeX

            Abuse..? From the person that habitually refers to another person as ‘dumbo’? Whatever abuse you saw there is only synching with yours.

            Which is the tree or forest in this case please? It’s like you think pulling an ill-fitting expression makes your non point valid…

            “Billions stolen by his concubine”. Listen to yourself… You couldn’t have sounded more like a houseboy if you tried.

            Guy. You need more depth than you can afford to discuss this intelligently. You are still in the roadside news paper reader mode… Or at best, an auto mechanic yard discussant.

          • TDaniels2

            You are just so crude and hurt that dumbo is no longer in position to steal again! Call me me handicap or houseboy, the beauty of it is that you’re not in any way qualify to even clean my shoes nor mop my floor!

          • JayGeeX

            Lol.. Here we go again.. You are being confronted with issues about the FAILURE of your INCOMPETENT CHOICE but you want to reduce it to speculations about my personal notions. Leave the matter of election loss and explain why the ‘ultimate answer’ is FAILING THE NATION as predicted by people that clearly knew better …
            Mop your floor? Why…? You’re the one standing in the filth you created out of your own stubborn ignorance so leave out of it.

  • Olu Fand

    During the Jonathan era American John Campbell said Nigeria was run by criminal gangs. PDP personified the rot that Nigeria was.
    Buhari came into government to find everywhere rotten, before Jonathan and during his administration.
    Buhari couldn’t develop enough muscles to fight. He was overwhelmed by everything. This was bad enough as characters like Maina misread him and sat down on his loot.

    Jonathan’s economic team was led by mrs iweala who said in an interview that she wasn’t a politician jiggling on aljazeera as she spoke, distancing herself from corruption in the Jonathan years. That is double standards per excellence.

    “Oh I’m a technocrat” she reminded her interviewers, not a politician. Anyway, she is back to her masters who sent her. Nigeria’s woes continues and serial looters are roaming our streets, ready to loot again.

    • JayGeeX

      You like rhetoric. Useless ones…

      Do you have any half ass stories to explain why this same character ended the country in a recession in the 80s?

    • FrNinja

      Okonjo Iweala introduced IPPIS, GfMIS and TSA that exposed ghost worker federal scamd and MDAs diverting money of budgets. She tried to stop fuel subsidy scams. The woman used her technocrat experience to try to stem the massive corruption that exists in Nigerian government.

  • onyema22ohaka

    The book is a piece of afonja gibberish in their usual style of speaking from both sides of their mouth while clapping with one hand.That is how they helped in foisting APC and their band of duara dullards just as Abiola foisted him 1983,foisted IBB in 1985 and Abacha in 1993 which eventually consumed him. Tinubu and his co-travellers are back on that road to perfidy.

  • Ralph

    Unrivalled in lunacy and visible only through a microscope

    • JayGeeX

      Or it could be your that is too insane to comprehend and too blind to see…

      It IS an either/or thing, you know…

  • AyoJon

    GEJ’s body language encouraged corruption, making it hard for those that chose to do well in his administration.
    PMB’s body language right now is also encouraging corruption and by the next administration we’ll know those that are corrupt.
    In short, we need either a body language school or body language chiropractor.

    • JayGeeX

      The same way Bihari’s body language encouraged electricity abi?

      The same body language that spoke the 3 dialects of TSA, BVN and IPPIS that remain to date, the most sustainable institutional tools in fighting graft that has entrenched itself into the system over decades… The same body language that tried to stop subsidy abi?

      This is not about body language, ogbeni. it is about lack of critical insight in the so called educated voting populace… Frankly, I await the time you all start accepting responsibilities for YOUR collective Body Languages

  • Chris Onwuekwe

    Nigerians are better judges today. The era of Jonathan and today’s government achievements, leave a lot of swour taste to Nigerians. Nigerians are grugging in the streets of Nigeria today, unlike what obtained during Jonathan’s era. Economic developments of the two regimes cannot be compared under any disguise. Time will surely tell the true story.

    • Ralph

      Only sour to those of you in SE. And its not as if GEJ did anything for you guys o

      • austin

        Leave the East / West matter. Are you telling me that people are having it easy in any village or place you get to in the West? I do not think the hunger is practicing tribalism.

        • Ralph

          Which hunger? When last was salary paid before Christmas – yeah you guessed right. Since Buhari came on board. You are missing PDP’s abuse. Its not unique. Abused partners do miss their abusers. Rest of Nigeria is wiser though. No Atiku, No PDP

          • austin

            So things are OK everywhere or just in the west? That is what you are saying?

          • austin

            PDP chastised with whip, and APC with scorpions
            The same Buhari that is giving state governors loans to pay salaries? The salary talk is no achievement. What is this fixation about salary sef? So the rest of the country (majority) not on government payroll should do what?

  • Ola

    Goodluck Ebele Jonathan – you should consider changing your name to “Badluck” – as you will be remembered as the President who, with his cohorts, massively looted the treasury and set us backward for the next 20 years.

    Generations yet unborn will not forgive you!!!

    • Chuma Anierobi

      You may be one of them ghost workers who are mad with Jonathan for plugging your source of illegal money.

      • Ralph

        Only to give it to Diezanni and Maina?

    • JayGeeX

      Ola.. You should consider changing your name to ‘Ode’.. as you are one of those that are gullible enough to take the foolish excuses of the SAME chap that caused a recession and hardship in this same country once before.

      The current generation is still busy cursing you…

  • Don Gratias

    The more they call Jonathan, the more they expose the huge joke and failure that the APC gang of liars and criminals have become. Sometimes I just thank God that it was not the APC that took over power from the military in 1999 because if it took PDP 16 years to destroy Nigeria and just in 2 years APC has done the level of damage they have done to Nigeria, I wonder what would have become of this country if they were the ones in the saddle for 16.

    • FrNinja

      Greatest mistake of ACN was opportunistically allying with the backward party of northern conservatism called CPC. We can see what ACN did in Lagos. That was pro growth change. But CPC? Change means turning Nigeria into an almajiri domain full of beggars and privileged princes giving them handouts. The 5,000 naira welfare idea came from that philosophy. The cows roaming around unrestricted is in line with returning Nigeria to the stone age.

      PDP the house of corruption was a pro jungle capitalism party. May they never smell power again. Over 300 billion dollars earned and nothing to show for it other than collapsed roads, non existent power and rubbishly constructed airports with leaking roofs.

  • Michael Kadiri SocioPolitical

    This Governor and his cohorts are simply the political leadership of Boko Haram.

    Jonathan DID and CONTINUES to make poor judgement and he still does not get it. Judging everybody with his Mr Nice Guy standards was stupid.

    He should have more forcibly named and shamed them when he was President rather than the cryptic messages he whispered at the time and now that it is all too late, he is protesting. He should have gathered the intelligence and arrested them for treason including their backers in the Nigerian Army.

    As President of NIgeria, you cannot be a Mr Nice Guy. Sometimes, a President has to bare his fangs.

  • Pluti

    Yeah GEJ had those, would have been greater if he did more. He’s still better than PMB in these areas though cos PMB downgraded the economy, making it seems like he’s making giant strides with an epileptic leap

  • Arabakpura

    It can’t be rivaled; except Nigeria is sold!

  • Abulegbaa

    The author is useless while Buhari’s government is a huge joke. The book is for APC by APC and of APC. Useless people killing Nigeria.

  • Ak

    he sure wasnt paradise but his was the best ever presidency by a long shot! the current guy is a huge joke!

  • josvinco

    Governor Kashim Shettima is the man without achievement and a political opportunist. I wonder how he won an election in Borno State ? All the resources pumped into the state have not yielded enough dividend in defeating Boko Haram. Poverty and lack of proper awareness on the part of the people is the reason why Boko Haram insurgency is still going on. He is reaping from the confusion to enrich himself.

  • D-A-N-G-O-T-E-C-E-M-E-N-T

    BÚY Dangote3xCÉMÉNT
    FOR NGN1400 PER BAG.

  • tunde008

    Of course the result of your achievement is what we are enjoying now. Nonsense.

    • austin

      Naaah, just the result of your change mantra.

  • MY

    Hahaha!!! Sure.