Tinubu: Nigeria Won’t Make Progress without Restructuring

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu

Text Box: Says most items in Exclusive List should be in Residual List Text Box:Faults FG’s approach to Paris Club refund

Gboyega Akinsanmi

Lending weight to growing calls for restructuring of the Nigerian federation, national leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, said saturday in Lagos that the country’s development would remain an unrealistic hope under the current quasi-federal structure. Tinubu stated this last night in his keynote address at the 2017 Founders’ Day Dinner of King’s College Old Boys’ Association. He said the present system was overcentralising power at the expense of the federating units.

The former governor of Lagos State called for a return to the ideals of the 1963 Constitution, which he said guaranteed fiscal federalism, regional autonomy, regional constitutions, and progressive competition among the federating units.

Tinubu said, “Many of the 68 items on the Exclusive Legislative List should be transferred to the Residual Legislative List,” explaining, “This would be in harmony with the 1963 Constitution, again an instance of reaching back to revive something old yet more likely to give us a better Nigeria. That prior constitution granted vast powers to the regions, enabling them to carry out their immense responsibilities as they saw fit.”

He faulted the approach of the federal government to the Paris Club refunds, saying it “has no right to withhold funds that constitutionally belong to the states.”

Represented at the dinner, where he was Principal Guest of Honour, by chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Hydro-Carbon Pollution Restoration Project and former Commissioner for Finance, Mr. Olawale Edun, Tinubu spoke on the topic, “A New Nigeria or A Better One: the Fitting Tools of a Great Repair.” He said the vestiges of the country’s military past were still been allowed to haunt its democratic future.

APC, which had promised restructuring and true federalism as cardinal principles in its manifesto while contesting the 2015 general election, has been widely criticised for jettisoning that promise since winning power. But owing to pressure from the public, the party recently set up a committee on restructuring headed by Kaduna State Governor Nasir el-Rufai to make recommendations on the hot issue. The committee has, reportedly, submitted its report to the APC authorities, but it has not been made public.

Tinubu, whose defunct Action Congress of Nigeria was a key proponent of restructuring and fiscal federalism before entering the merger that gave birth to APC, re-echoed his stance on the structure of the federation at the KCOBA dinner, lending a strategic voice to a growing demand.

Lamenting that Nigeria functioned as a unitary state, despite being constitutionally defined as a federal republic, Tinubu said, “We cannot become a better Nigeria with an undue concentration of power at the federal level. Competition for federal office will be too intense, akin to a winner-take-all duel. Those who lose will bristle at the lack of power in the periphery they occupy.

“They will scheme to pester and undermine the strong executive because that is where they want to be. The executive will become so engaged in deflecting their antics that it will not devote its great powers to the issues of progressive governance for which such powers were bestowed.”

He said if Nigeria continued in the current pseudo-federal path, it “will be in a constant state of disequilibrium and irritation. Such a situation augurs toward the maintenance of an unsatisfactory status quo in the political economy. It augurs against reform.” He stressed that the country must restructure “to attain the correct balance between our collective purpose, on one hand, and our separate grassroots realities, on the other.”

Under the 1963 constitutional order, he explained, regional autonomy was a major feature by virtue of the fact that the regional governments were closer to the people and had a better understanding of the material and intangible priorities of their populations.

The APC leader stated, “We must return to this ideal. Some items which should be left for the states to handle, such as police, prisons, stamp duties, regulation of tourist traffic, registration of business names, incorporation of companies, traffic on federal truck roads passing through states, trade, commerce and census, are now on the Exclusive List for the federal government.

“Regarding the all-important electrical power, while the federal government takes the lead, there is no logical reason to limit federating units to generate, transmit and distribute electricity only to areas not covered by the national grid.

“The states should be allowed to augment power generation so long as they do not undermine federal operations. For instance, a state may wish to develop an industrial park or housing estate either of which will require a boost in power generation.

“However, if the national government does not agree, the state will be foreclosed from projects that provide jobs and better living conditions to its people. This is not in keeping with the spirit of federalism. It is consonant with an undemocratic tradition that keeps us from approaching a better Nigeria.”

The former governor advocated a review of the revenue allocation formula to give more funds to the states. He said the Paris Club refunds belonged to the various state governments, arguing that the federal government “does not have legal basis for withholding the Paris Club refunds.” Though he said, “We all support propriety of expenditure,” and acknowledged that the sentiment behind the withholding “is understandable, if not laudable,” he insisted that the federal government “has no right to withhold funds that constitutionally belong to the states.

“The fear of possible misuse of funds is no reason to violate the constitution. Provide the funds to the states as legally required. Committed and fine governors will use the funds wisely. And the people will be better off. As to those who squander the money, there are appropriate ways to expose and sanction them.”

Tinubu said “to withhold the funds, no matter how well intended, is to undermine federalism and the rule of law. It will have adverse long-time consequences; as such, it is too high a price to pay.”

Tinubu canvassed compassion in governance and condemned the growing tendency towards the rule of the might. “It is a dark period the world has entered, where the lesson is the powerful do as they will and the weak suffer as they must,” he said, adding that the trend “holds nothing good for Nigeria. We must adhere to the values and policies that suggest tomorrow can be made a better place than today. I refuse to believe we have become such an untoward lot that the longer we live together, the more estranged we become.

“Just as we have gathered here today, we must gather about the national table to repair our political discourse. In this way, we begin the process leading to policies that bring civic kindness, generosity of spirit, sustainable growth, equality, and peace to every Nigerian who seeks these good things.

“These are the pillars of a better Nigeria. By the grace and mercy of our common Creator, we shall build such pillars so that we and succeeding generations may come to build even greater things upon them.”

  • MUkintu

    Sorry Mr Tinubu. It is not going to be easy. It is easy to give a monkey water but getting back the cup is the problem.The Hausa/Fulani whom you helped to get back power would rather go to war than restructure Nigeria. You should know that by now. When they finish with the South East,the next port of call would be South West. Just wait and see.

  • vic



  • moribund9ja

    Tinubu so this tragic invasion of Igboland by the govt you helped to form is not worth mentioning in your speech… You are not serious.

  • D-Á-Ñ-G-Ö-T-È-Ć-È-M-É-Ń-T


  • They are all for restructuring until they get into office, then it suddenly becomes less appealing. Not in my time, they say…

  • Romla

    No sensible Nigerian will fail to see that the advantages of restructuring outweigh whatever demerits or fears.The bureaucracy and the related inefficiency called the Federal government located in Abuja ,must be decentralized.Restructing is obviously not the solution to Nigeria’s many problems.In my humble opinion,if implemented well, it is the beginning of sthe solution.Implementation must address the fears of certain disadvantaged regions,calm their fear and must not be seen or utilized as an opportunity to secede from Nigeria.

    • Jon West

      Romla, you know as well as everyone else with any modicum of commonsense , that nobody really wants to secede from Nigeria. Even the first secession was a flight to safety from the murderous Nigerian state. How can one run ,knowingly , run away from his own kingdom,except to save his own life.

      For the Igbo, Nigeria is a playground and has always been , since the amalgamation. However, when the playground is perpetually unfriendly, backward, ignorant and the players are incapable of upgrading the game in line of global best practices, the Ronaldos, Messis an Neymars ,want to change clubs or form their own team. That is the euphemism for all this trouble with Nigeria by Ojukwu, Kanu and Jon West. We all wanted and still want to play with possible Champions League winners, not Conference teams. I hope you appreciate the analogy, even though I prefer Formula One to football.

      • Romla

        Nothing wrong in changing teams or forming a new one.Asking to form a new league entirely is another question.
        My take is many people,tribes,communities.individuals are unhappy with Nigeria including myself.The answer is not going away. You don’t walk away from your family,just because you feel the decision makers are not behaving well.Worst is threatening to take over assets you believe belong to you by force.The fact is some in the SE preached secession and do believe in it.It is understandable that the calls are loudest when they feel they are not having influence in the Central government.
        Whatever the reason for for unhappiness,restructing is a small step forward.Let’s all get on the restructuring train.

    • abodes_124

      Thank you Romla. The North however will not let it happen. they prefer the current system which is heavily rigged in their favour to remain as it and with them in control of course. The day the balance is redressed and there is a level playing field they will want out of the union.

  • RumuPHC

    BAT trying hard to sound politically correct at KC on “restructuring “. El Rufai made a similar presentation at Chatham House in what now appear to be planned hijack of restructuring agitation by the ruling APC.

    I won’t be surprised if PMB becomes an advocate of restructuring very soon. Elections are in the horizon and the time for politicians to promise heaven and earth is around the corner.

    Good luck to the gullible masses.

    • Romla

      BAT is a staunch apostle of Awolowo.Awolowo always supported restructuring.Commonsense supports it.

      • RumuPHC

        Awo promoted a national political party UPN In the 70’s and contested twice to be president under the 1979 constitution . UPN won elections to states in the SW and seats in NASS at Tafawa Balewa square even though the party never won the presidency.

        Throughout this period , no time did Awo promote a return to regional structure; it was about more powers to states that the sage argued.

        Common sense supports devolution of power from the center to the states. This I suppose is the plank of BATS argument on restructuring.

        • Romla

          Good you think but not sure about what BAT is promotingAwolowo and BAT always promoted before and after elections a similar policy implementation in all states where they won.If that in essence is not a regional structure,I don’t know what is.The governors of the SW including Fayise met sometime ago to discuss cooperation within their regions.I believe in a regional decentralization first and I believe both Awo and BAT see this as a more implementable system..

    • abodes_124

      They do occasionally do complete summersaults, fuel subsidy being a case in point. I doubt it in this case as the North gets disproportionate amount of the national cake under the present arrangements. Its more likely that Tinubu will fall silent after this salvo or will humiliatingly be forced to eat his words by his masters.

  • amebo

    Now you want the Country to restructure after you sold your people into slavery. Wonder shall never end.

  • musa aliyu

    U people just heinously interpreted Tinubu’s presentation thus but he didn’t say that. Continue deluding yourselves withyour morbid Hausa hatred. Nigeria’s unity is not negotiable. No one asks any state to remain the way it is, after all each state is at Liberty to develop in its own way. It collects grants, has IGR, who then impedes its progress? Continue baying the moon. Mtchewww!!!!

    • Jon West

      Nigerias unity is not negotiable? Really? What on this Gods earth is not negotiable? Why do you Sahelian ragheads keep regurgitating this nonsense? Why are you so frightened of competition and modernity. To hell with you people!!

      • abodes_124

        Tut Tut. you express yourself so well. Some comments are quite frustration but resist the temptation to be uncivil

    • Ashibogu

      Musa! Musa! Musa! How many times have I called you? The North had opportunity to develop but unfortunately was too lazy as a result of Petro Dollars. The train has left the station and the destination is restructuring. The North is rich only that its people do not know the potentials inherent in their region. Solid minerals, vast rich arable land, strong, young population just to mention priceless attributes of Northern Nigeria. On the average, Northerners spend about $500M annually on Hajj. Some members of the elite class even make the pilgrimage thrice a year. Maybe restructuring will enable the North to re-order its priorities.

    • ychukwuka

      Mr. Musa, nothing last forever and in life everything is negotiable talkless of Nigeria. Start getting used to it before it’s too late

  • James Gunn

    My problem with this advocacy for more power and funding to go to the states is they are never satisfied. Every state governor sees himself as a demigod. I’d rather have the power more centralized than going to states. The National Assembly as bad as we think they are always acts as a check and balance platform against the Presidency. It can never be so in the states. The state houses of assembly are powerless, corrupt, indolent and outrightly refuse to even contest any decision by the state governors. The state INECs are totally useless and incapable of conducting any semblance of a credible election. The worst is the total hijack of Local government funds and responsibilities. Can u imagine the uproar if the Federal government hijacks any state’s funds, yet that is the norm in state / Local govt relations. The state governors are as useless and more corrupt than the senators and reps. Let more power remain with the Presidency and the Federal Govt.

    • FrNinja

      There is a third way. Devolution should go all the way down to municipalities like in most democracies. The City of New York is run separately from the State of New York. Same should happen in Nigeria. Let every town and city have its own government not this funny LGA system. Let the states focus on a few core responsibilities – courts, state highways, identity system, policing, traffic management, electricity regulation, telecom regulation.

  • ik

    Jagaban you’re a great leader with brotherly mind. PMB should learn from your ideology..you change the face of lagos by accommodate all nigerian to feel at home.
    A good leader is born not made .
    JAGABAN 2019 for PRESIDENT. Nigeria love you. But you disappointed us by giving us a bad leader PMB. PMB is vampire, tyrant, bigotry, tribalism and nepotism. .
    We want a good president of equity, total freedom ,non selective of justice, fairness,and justice

  • Seton During

    There are no cost-benefits to and abour political restructuring in Nigeria’s economic interests.
    Proposers and supporters of restructuring are using it as a diversion from paying due attention to correcting their governmental(APC and PDP) failings – errors of commission and omission; and, spreading opportunities for fellow looters of our national and state lotteries for illicit, unearned and untaxed financial outflows out of Nigeria for investing in The UK, USA, Montreal in Canada, etc.

    • abodes_124

      As well as Sir, not instead of.

      • Seton During


  • Jon West

    Who let that Chicago dog out and into the hallowed confines of a Kings College Old Boys meeting? Infra Dig!! Perhaps in the spirit of the times, we should forgive the organizers of the meeting for inviting him. He has been given a venue for ventilating his frustrations with his creation at the Villa, the latest addition to the litany of mishaps by the usual suspects, who constantly betray the people , talking from both sides of the mouth and with the proverbial white mans forked tongue.

    Why do people constantly talk about restructuring, from Aburi to all the Constitutional Confrences till ate, but are always ready to ditch this noble idea for a mess of the proverbial porridge? Why is it, that the same political tendency betrayed the ultimate restructuring agreement in Aburi, Ghana in 1967 and the latest one in 2014, for the same reason- a place as subordinate to their inferiors in an arrangement that totally runs counter to their professed agenda? ” Slaves will rule over you, and you, their masters, will become slaves”.

    The Chicago man from Borgu may seem to have finally come to his senses and this may be the first salvo in the long-awaited restructuring of politics prior to 2019, but we should all be positively skeptical. The leopard really cannot change its spots, but for the people that hope for a progressive Nigeria which can play its role in the African Renaissance, we can only hope that perhaps this time, Aalafin Aole’s curse will be exorcised from that political tendency that always betrays the hopes and aspirations of the people who wish Nigeria an therefore Africa well.
    Well , greater miracles have happened , afterall the world is awash with Black swan (near impossible) events, like the election of Donald Trump, so let’s remain hopeful that perhaps this time, the usual suspects , may have finally found their Mojo. However Jon West, realist and victim of this tendency , remains positively skeptical.

    • FrNinja

      Tinubu already has his golden goose. Lagos. Restructuring will only serve his cause. Of course the attraction to the opportunity for National plunder is what always gets them singing the one Nigeria song like his Vice Osibanjo.

  • Paulocaesar

    Our founding fathers fought for independence from the British to shake one monkey off our back in exchange for a nastier monkey now supported by corrupt religious fundamentalist states.

  • Paulocaesar

    Meanwhile many innocent Igbos are being massacred and buried in mass graves as we speak, all because they dared to tell Buhari that “restructuring” (with northern domination of Congress) is too late!, “sovereign national conference” (with northern domination of Congress) is too late!, “resource control” (with northern domination of Congress) is too late!, “true federalism” (with northern domination of Congress) is too late!, …. HOW CAN A LOPSIDEDLY CONSTRUCTED CONGRESS, STACKED IN FAVOR OF HAUSA FULANI NATIONALISTS BY HAUSA FULANI NATIONALIST MILITARY COUPIST GOVERNMENTS OF OUR CORRUPT PAST AGREE ANYTHING OTHER THAN DOMINATION???

  • Charles Anthony

    Jagaban it is not too late to write the wrong right. Do the working now tell your party to implement what they promised especially on restructuring as you have advocated

    • abodes_124

      Unfortunately he can talk but not perform.

  • Expose hypocrisy

    IPOB has done what seems impossible in Nigeria politics against the wish of the North in particular. IPOB has been able to open the pandora box in Nigeria and by extension the whole world about how very bad Nigeria is being run. It is now a situation where the North might be rejoicing that their great Buhari has been able to show the kind of strong leader he is by ordering the military to go kill innocent civilian in the east to appease the Arewas but little did he know the whole country has already bought into ”Restructuring” the country as a better way to address the imbalance in the country, thanks to IPOB.

    Now, it is assumed that the North got their wish of one Nigeria under military invasion of the east, but the question will be, now that you got the country to stay as one what will you do to sustain it, will you totally look into the problems that lead to the agitation in the first place which is injustice,backwardness and lack of leadership in the country over decades and honestly restructure the country according to 1963 consitution or will you choose to maintain the status quo that favors the North against the south. This is why the battle line will be drawn between the North and the South. I foresee a situation whereby the North will always try to be smart by half by trying to divide and conquer the south like they normally do but they will fail because the youths are ready to take the battle to whoever is an accomplice to the North from the South.
    I believe now that BAT has spoken in favor of restructuring that the Afenifere can now team up with the APC in the South west to form a formidable voice and when they do they already have a willing and ready partner in the East and South south and even the middle belt to a great extent, if the North should resist, 1- the South should insist on no restructuring to the core or no election in the south come 2019, 2- the southern legislators should pull out from the national assemble in masse to protest against northern opposition to restructuring. 3- the agitation for total break up of the country can now start in full force across the south.
    I believe there will be competition around the country that will spore meaningful development in Nigeria because it will now be ” you the Igbos that have been saying that you are being held back by Nigeria,it is time to prove it, and the north that said that they can survive without oil to prove it and same goes to niger delta that said if they had resource control they would have developed more than Dubai and the west as well. So IPOB or no IPOB, lets restructure for better Nigeri.



  • mukaro

    Good morning, Jagaban. Good morning, not in the sense that you have ever been against the restructuring of the country. No! It is rather in the sense that you wanted restructuring, but invested your enormous capital and goodwill into electing people, especially Buhari, whose antecedents, training, and mindset do not favour restructuring. You put in your enormous wealth and political machinery to elect somene with a born-to-rule mentality; someone whose world vision is restricted to Daura; and whose understanding of democracy is government of the Huasa/Fulani, for Hausa/Fulani, and for Hausa/Fulani. People like Ayo Adebanjo, Femi Fani Kayode, Olu Falae, among a host of other Yoruba leaders must be having a good laugh now because they warned you not to ride this tiger/ They warned you not to serve water to a monkey because it won’t easy to retrieve the cup from it. But, you will blinded by selfish interests and hatred for Jonathan who, being from the South South, the very people that needed restrucring the most, wold have been more amenable to restructuring Nigeria.

    No tears for you, sir.

    • LIGHT

      You said it all, he sold his integrity and political career along with Oshomoele for that coupist.

      • Ade Whenu

        We Nigerians lack foresight and definitely are not strategic thinkers.

        Tinubu as a master political strategist he is, knows the formidable evil political structure in place in Nigeria, that serves the interest of few men at the expense of the masses.

        He would only have mentioned restructuring because he knows it is inevitable. So I do not share your opinion that he sold his integrity and political career.

        You will never challenge the evil status quo from outside, as the Shite Muslim and IPOB, has found out. It has to be weaken from inside.

        Even without restructuring, the FG over the past two years has gradually started relinquishing some of its interest in Lagos State to the State government. Is this a coincidence?

        It is forecasted that by the year 2030, Lagos State will be third biggest economy in Africa and will be richer than all the other states in the federation put together.

        So please be patient to see Tinubu’s end game, before passing judgment.

        • LIGHT

          Ade you maybe right on the progress of Lagos but let me remind you that if other sea ports are working Lagos won’t see their back. So let be sincere and do the right thing irrespective of our tribes.

          • Ade Whenu

            I plead to you, not to keep premising comprehension of comments on tribalism or religion. As I loathe tribalist!

            I was simply responding to the comment both yourself and Mukaro, concluded about Tinubu.

            On the subject of Lagos, you perhaps might be correct, but I am quoting the Status quo.

        • Jon West

          Opportunism is not restructuring ,and Lagos is not Nigeria. Please be informed that Lagos’ contrived and hyped success , is predicated on access to crue oil revenues which is the sole source of Nigerian governments forex earnings, and the taxing of which , is responsible for the hyped success of Lagos.
          Without Niger delta oil, Lagos would have little revenue to tax and if the ports of Apapa and Tin Can are challenged by Calabar , Port Harcourt, Onne,Warri, Sapele and Burutu, there will be even less tax income.
          However, if there is genuine restructuring, Lagos and the Southwest can compete favorably with other regions using comparative advantage.

          It is this mentality of localised opportunism that has destroyed the promise of Nigeria from Aburi in 1967 to President Jonathan’s 2014 national Conference, an Tinubu is the poster boy of this tendency. It must stop ,for the sake of the Yoruba people and the emancipation of the Black Man ,which will result from a successful Nigeria.

          • Benny


          • Romla

            Not totally correct.I personally don’t agree with all of Tinubu’s politics but let’s be frank,the man looks before he leaps.He has a vision and strategizes on achieving it.When you say opportunism.There is nothing like opportunism in being denied revenues for years, as Lagos was under the Obasanjo government,and implementing a successful strategy of survival.
            Lagos is much more that oil revenues.It is yes,tax revenues , which I don’t wholly support for certain reasons.I have made the reasons clear on this forum.Lagos in my view is the best among the mediocre all over Nigeria in termcompetence,talent,vision,management,administration in both the public and private sector.It is also the state most impacted by private sector initiatives from very small enterprises to large entities.
            I still say that on an overall assessment and by my personal standard the achievements so far in Lagos are below average.However there is an overall spirit in Lagos that is way above everywhere else in Nigeria.This spirit has been and is still relatively well managed by the government of the state.

          • abodes_124

            he has vision but in his APC adventure he has not appeared to be a visionary.

          • Romla

            That is what people like you said when he supported Jonathan.When he removed his support you were still saying the same thing.You are entitled to your idea of vision.

          • abodes_124

            I still have hope in the vision his words imply . You appear to label him a political opportunist at best or a political prostitute at the worst.

          • Romla

            A political strategist is the appropriate description.

          • abodes_124

            Yes indeed. But begin to wonder whether he is a strategist with a small ‘s’. Does he strategise in-vacuo ? Does he take into account the people and environment he is strategizing for. Did he for example factor in Buhari’s personality and known history before he strategized to foist him upon this nation?

          • Romla

            Strategy sometimes involves accepting any alternative to save a drift into calamity.The weakness of Jonathan and his inability to halt the massive corruption of his cabinet,was a drift into economic calamity.

          • Milito

            If Jonathan’s sins were his inability to halt the massive corruption in the country, then Tinubu should have simply been stoned to death for being one of the most corrupt politicians in the history of Nigeria and even the biggest beneficiary of Jonathan’s free society for the corrupt!

            While I admire Tinubu’s political sagacity, I think it is high time we stop this tribalistic inclination in our political analysis and approvals. Tinubu didn’t support Buhari because of his love for Nigeria . Rather it was a political calculation aimed at empowering himself and not even the Yoruba race otherwise why is he complaining of being sidelined in a regime that even favored his tribe more ? The only reason Yorubas approves of him in everything and condemns others on the same thing is because they see him as the closest lever for their political dominance in Nigeria.

            When will this politics of tribe and religion stop in Nigeria? When will issue based politics take the centre stage? We are too fragmented along parochial lines as a people and this is why I think that perhaps restructuring or devolution of powers is the only hope for a better Nigeria.

            Tinubu’s support for restructuring is understandable not only because it gives him the unlimited dominance of the region and the resources as he wishes but also because it is the appropriate thing to do to salvage Nigeria now. God bless Nigeria!

          • Romla

            There is no doubt Tinubu was massively corrupt like most politicians.I am not a great fan of Tinubu and never voted for him,just like I never voted for Obasanjo.However I do respect certain aspects of their character that I see as positive and I will be fair to them if I have to.
            Your brain seems to need tickling if you don’t remember that Tinubu was charged to court for corruption and he scaled through .I was neither Judge nor member of the jury.This was during a period when his party was not in power and under a President from his tribe.Why did Jonathan’s regime not have the liver to charge him.That is exactly my point about Jonathan.
            On tribalism,in my view there is no human who does not have a degree of It.However there are some who are totally blinded by it.You can go back and read the history of my comments and I assure you,it will prove I am not blinded by it.
            The Yorubas I dare say are among the more open minded,less tribalistic tribes in Nigeria and you can take that to the bank.The honest Nigerians of all tribes have voiced this opinion in public and private.The most tribal knows themselves.When a man/woman fails to speak up against his own even when he commits the worst of atrocities ,that’s is the height of tribalism. I have read the history of your comments, your conscience will tell you where you stand.Tribalism is related to conscientiousness,honesty,decency,fairness,openness etc.
            Your lack of all the above made you fail to mention that Tinubu and the Yorubas at a time backed Jonathan against Buhari.I voted for Jonathan in 2011 and Buhari in 2015.I may not vote for him or APC in 2019.Remember also that the Yorubas voted massively against Obasanjo and the PDP,yet you have the audacity to make insinuations about tribalism.I have expressed my dissapointment with the APC on this forum several times.However I acknowledge that things are slowly improving.
            Jonathan was a nice man,but very weak and quietly cunning.The type Nigerians refer to as “cunny man sir,cunny man bury am”.That is my honest opinion.
            If you are blinded by bigotry etc at least let fear of God open your eyes to see and express a fair opinion.

          • Milito

            Romla, stop the unnecessary vituperations! Your post is actually one of those i enjoy reading here but i must confess i really don’t like this characteristic attack on JONATHAN that has nothing to do with restructuring call we are reviewing. Must JONATHAN be the epicentre of your submissions and why? Ii cant see the correlation of that to the discussion at hand which reminds me of the blanket condemnation by the YORUBAS on his person. Your account of how you voted in the past only showed that despite your allusions , you are simply a biased follower of TINUBU because those votes you listed were in line with his directive and alliance then. There lies the bias i am talking about. Please be bold to have your own opinion independent of him .

            I have stated that JONATHAN is not a cunny man but just a weak leather who never wanted to ruffle feathers but painting him as corrupt compared to TINUBU is simply a tribal bias. I am no fan of GEJ nor any other politicians (for they are all crooks) but just cant stand the unnecessary singling out of one person at the expense of others.

            You can fight and abuse me for all you care but note that they really don’t give a damn about us. They will always conglomerate together in both personal and social circles and even inter-marry irrespective of party, tribe and religion. Meanwhile you and i will be here fighting like mumus (OUR MUMU DON DO).

            Lets demand proper governance from these guys! Enough is Enough!!

          • Romla

            Apologies if you feel insulted.I brought Jonathan in as a response to another commentators contribution and you continued on that point in your previous and present comment.
            The blanket condemnation of Jonathan by most,not all Yorubas came after their assessment of his tenure.I repeat that they previously supported him massively.
            To say I am guided by Tinubu is a fallacy.How come I never voted for him.
            Your views and personal opinion on Jonathan are appreciated.For me the man was chopping well well like other politicians and acting as if he was still shoeless.
            I agree with you on one point.We should demand better governance from all.I have said it on this forum that if there is no serious alternative besides the old brigade,I will not leave my house in 2019.In my opinion they are all rogues,robbers and bandits.However they still have some positives.Tinubu in my opinion has vision and a strategy to achieve it.

          • FrNinja

            The issue is that Nigeria never was a nation. Lets accept parochialism for the true reflection of what Nigeria truly is. The Yoruba should be fighting for autonomy rather than their elite selling them time and again as slaves to the grand power game of the Northern elite.

          • Jon West

            Yes, Lagos is the best administered state by our very poor standards. There is no dout about that, and the Chicago Man is fully responsible for that. However, we must be realistic in our expectations of how the revenue profile would be ,in the absence of free-flowing and unearned crude oil revenues.

          • Romla

            No crude revenues when Tinubu was Governor.I stand to be corrected.

          • Ade Whenu

            Clearly no one is implying opportunism is restructuring. However, in your opinion whilst you might think Lagos success is contrived and hyped, I still commend Tinubu for putting in place a strategic plan that successive governors has stuck to and has benefited Lagosians. No one stopped other states from doing likewise or even better!

            You Also said if the ports in Apapa and Tin Can are challenged the tax accrued to the State will be reduced. Whilst in principle that might be correct, business men use the Lagos ports, so their goods can be delivered directly to the market they trade in. Afterall, Lagos State is undoubtedly one of the biggest consumer market in Africa. Why would I want to use Calabar port if all or most of the products, I sell is in Lagos?

            The last time I checked the other ports you referenced are still open and functional and there is no law stopping anyone from using them. http://nigerianports.gov.ng

            You also labelled Tinubu the poster boy of localised opportunism, well if southeastern governors and politician did the same, perhaps there will be little or no agitation.

            Politics to me involves give and take, and the ability to find common ground. A good politician listens very carefully to those on the other side, not only to learn their arguments, but especially to learn how far he or she can move them and how far he or she has to be moved in order to reach consensus.

          • Rzg

            “business men use the Lagos ports, so their goods can be delivered directly to the market they trade in. Afterall, Lagos State is undoubtedly one of the biggest consumer market in Africa”.

            You are right in some regards but humongously wrong in others…The lack of other viable/operating alternatives has SIGNIFICANTLY benefited lagos state. Were other ports fully functioning, other “Port city economies” will spring up, just like what has happened in Lagos.

            “Why would I want to use Calabar port if all or most of the products I sell is in Lagos?”
            Ask yourself, why people importing into Benin, Onitsha etc all use lagos port ?. Is it because they sell in lagos ?…No is the answer.
            It is because Warri or Sapele or Burutu is non functional. Why would one import into Tincan or Apapa , then spend millions trucking to Onitsha, with all the attendant bribing and settlement on the road ?
            Its a no brainer….Lagos clearly benefits from poor port infrastructure availability in other states, and yes, Lagos was initially built with ND Oil money….

          • Akins

            “Lagos was initially built with ND Oil money” is very wrong statement. Lagos was developed with Cocoa money. Pls check your history book.
            “It is because Warri or Sapele or Burutu is non functional. Why would one
            import into Tincan or Apapa , then spend millions trucking to Onitsha,
            with all the attendant bribing and settlement on the road” Warri port and Most ND ports are not business friendly. The amount an average business man spends on security in those area is extremely high. Have you asked yourself while Shell relocated from Warri?

          • Rzg

            True, cocoa money did go into Lagos, I don’t doubt, but Lagos was a SIGNIFICANT benefactor of oil boom spending. Take an unbiased review of the history and you will find i am correct.

            Crime and security concerns are the symptom not the cause…. If you refuse to develop and invest in any region, criminality will increase to fill the void. Mixed with politics, this becomes a deadly and toxic association… That is the story of the area’s you have mentioned…. the debate around the reasons for shell leaving Warri is potentially a long drawn out one that is best left for another forum……

          • FrNinja

            From Obasanjo to the current administration Lagos has seized advantage of opportunities to grab a slice of the Nigerian pie. The West African Gas Pipeline meant to feed Ghana instead resuscitated Lagos and Ogun industry and serves as feedstock for two power plants in Ogun state. While Onne, Warri, Calabar was monopolized by Atiku’s INTELS, Apapa and Tin Can have dominated the import business. While Port Harcourt and Warri refinery are operating at less than 10% of capacity, Dangote is building the biggest refinery in Lagos. With Eko Atlantic, Lagos is creating a Nigerian private sector answer to Abuja. A planned city that works for corporates and multinationals.

          • Rzg

            You made my point about Tinubu and co’s smartness in executing a strategy that keeps lagos sailing above the rest.

            In everything we discourse, let us not throw the baby away with the bath water. Lets learn the lessons of whats working and apply them in our little way in every sphere we find ourselves… Yes Lagos’ achievement may not be world class by global standards, and has to be put in perspective, but the one eyed man is certainly better than the fully blind man.!!!!

        • FrNinja

          Not only that. Lagos now is on its way to seizing a huge slice of the petroleum industry from Rivers and Delta – Oil and Gas services (LADOL), Dangote Refinery, Eko Atlantic Energy City for all those offshore platform oil workers and oil executives. Combine that with its dominance in aviation, banking, insurance, manufacturing, ports and Tinubu is one step ahead.

          • abodes_124

            Port Harcourt as an example, has refused to grow because of poor governance and the the post war small mindedness and vindictiveness that made the Igbos unwelcome. Most of the Igbo real estate and enterprises in Lagos would now have been in Port Harcourt. The final death knell was the kidnapping scourge that drove away both Nigerian and foreign investors. Lagos on the other hand has had open hands of for all Nigerians and all their Governors and governments have practiced relatively good governance by Nigerian standards. That is why Lagos is progressing.

        • Nkem Okike

          Tinubu goofed big time. While we welcome his call for restructuring, I’m still circumspect until I start to see the desired actions he will put in to support the call.

    • musa aliyu

      Sometimes ago, a certain Nnamdi Kanu at an Igbo summit held in the US called on igbos to gather resources and purchase weapons and ammunition to fight what he referred to as the zoo government… In his own words, “We need guns and we need bullets”



      A certain Turkish diplomat, Mr. Abdulkadir Erkahraman visited Nnamdi Kanu in his home town… Kanu, while receiving Erkahraman said, “the Turkish citizen’s visit was in line with IPOB’s plan to solidify the actualization of Biafra.”


      Add those two together….

      About a month before the visit, the Nigerian Customs Service had intercepted 440 pieces of riffles at Tin Can Island Port, Lagos. This came after 660 pieces of pump action rifles were intercepted at Apapa port, also in Lagos. Shockingly, all the three shipments came from Turkey!!!


      You heard Turkey, right?


      Just yesterday, this broke:

      “Officials of the Nigeria Customs Service have discovered 1,100 pump-action rifles in a container at the Tin-Can Island Port in Lagos. The weapons were concealed in a container marked as ‘wash hand basins’


      If you’re still whining about ‘Operation Python Dance’ and the show of force by the Nigerian Army in the south east, then, you need to be quarantined and have your brain checked, recoiled and recalibrated.

      Something is not right in your ‘upstairs’

      ©Culled/Shared by 82 Div APR

      • BankyMons

        And rightly so! Who fights oppression with bare hands?

      • Jon West

        So the Turkish Islamic Fundamentalist Government of the crazy Mullah Erdogan , is now a supporter of the all Christian IPOB? Really? Why are the Hausa/Fulani oligarchy obsessed with false conspiracy theories that make them a laughingstock? All the apprehended importers of the hunting rifles are of Hausa/Fulani stock. Perhaps they want to arm the Igbo with hunting rifles to fight their AK47, Armalite and FN rifle-toting soldiers and Fulani Herdsmen? Ignorance is really a disease.

      • E.Udah

        Where in the world do you fight a war with Pump Action Riffles rather than AK47???
        Please, show some intelligence and perish this your nonsensical conspiracy theories. Except you are telling me that Kanu was that uninformed.

      • Don Franco

        Dear Musa Aliyu,

        What is your point? What you have written and posted is immaterial, irrelevant and of no consequence to the issue at hand…. You clearly mistake the messenger for the message.

      • Arabakpura

        this is why you should support a peaceful resolution of issues or a peaceful separation!

    • abodes_124

      What I find interesting and surprising is that there are actual intellectual Tigers in the APC like Tinubu and El Rufai but there intelligently articulated commrnts are drowned out by the braying of their donkey leadership. My only conclusion is that the mind-set of the majority of APC members is more in tune with the intellectual donkeys than the tigers. Will the Tigers jump or be pushed out to join groups where they will be better understood? Time will tell.