BMI City’s Entrepreneurship Education to Build Future Leaders

BMI CTY has held its entrepreneurship education program dedicated to nurturing entrepreneurial skills in young Nigerians. It was themed, “Incubating African Kid Entrepreneurs for Next Generational Impact,” and targets children aged 7 to 14.  Chairman of BMI-CTY, Nnamdi Unachukwu, spearheaded the event, emphasising its importance as a significant milestone in addressing Nigeria’s socio-economic challenges. 

Unachukwu stressed the need for early entrepreneurial education to empower the next generation, believing that equipping young minds with entrepreneurial skills and a growth mindset can drive economic development and innovation in Nigeria. By nurturing young entrepreneurs, the initiative aims to create a future generation capable of tackling socio-economic issues with innovative solutions and leadership.

He further expressed that, “Our initiative calls for significant educational reforms to mold the minds of young Nigerians, particularly those in rural areas. We aim to reduce poverty, fraud, unemployment, and insecurity through entrepreneurship education.”

Unachukwu emphasised the importance of collaboration with various state agencies, federal and state ministries of education, and the Universal Basic Education Boards across multiple states.

The event featured notable insights from experts and stakeholders. Dr. Henrietta Onwuegbuzie, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Director of the Business Innovation Accelerator at Lagos Business School, lauded the initiative, asserting that entrepreneurial education is crucial for fostering self-reliant individuals who can create opportunities rather than solely seeking employment.

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