Tomi Favored Unveils Soul-Stirring Anthem ‘Jesus Na You’

Esteemed Nigerian-American gospel artist Tomi Favored has recently unveiled her much-anticipated new single, ‘Jesus Na You.’

This heartfelt track embodies a powerful expression of gratitude, hope, and unwavering faith in God. It serves as an inspiring reminder of the boundless love and faithfulness of the Divine. Crafted with compelling lyrics and a soulful melody, the song aims to uplift spirits and evoke a sense of thankfulness towards the Almighty Creator.

Tomi Favored is not only celebrated as a singer but also as a songwriter, speaker, and worshiper. She shares a joyful marriage with saxophonist Seyi Alesh and is a devoted mother to their two young children. Additionally, she serves as a consecrated minister at RCCG Dominion Chapel Houston, playing a significant role as part of the pastoral leadership team overseeing the youth church, “The Gathering.”

With an impressive catalogue boasting over 100 songs and seven albums, including a spoken word album, Tomi has collaborated with renowned artists such as Nathaniel Bassey and TY Bello on several notable tracks, including “Awamaridi” and “Faithful.”

‘Jesus Na You’ was produced by the talented duo of Emanuel Uzozie and Daniel Ademinokan. Emanuel Uzozie is celebrated for his multifaceted contributions as a producer, keyboardist, and musical director for Nigerian gospel luminary Nathaniel Bassey. Daniel Ademinokan, on the other hand, is a lauded Nigerian-American filmmaker, TV director, screenwriter, and producer, renowned for his influential contributions to the Nigerian film industry and his impact on music and media through his enterprise, Leon Global Media.

The song is available on all streaming platforms.

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