How Nigerian, French Navy Deepened Shared Commitment in Enhancing Maritime Security 

Osho Oluwatosin 

To underscore their shared commitment in enhancing maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea (GoG) waters through hydrography, French Navy 

Ship (FNS) Borda, a hydrographic vessel, recently visited the Western Naval Command (WNC) of the Nigerian Navy (NN) in Apapa, Lagos. 

The visit was strategic given the role the NN plays as a regional seapower in the fight against maritime crimes in the GoG region. 

The vessel and Frenchdiplomatic team in Nigeria, were received by the WNC Flag Officer Commanding (FOC), Rear Admiral Mustapha Hassan, who reiterated Nigeria’s commitment to deepen their cooperation to address security challenges and promote peace and prosperity in the GoG region. 

Commending their proactive engagement in maritime security collaborations within the Gulf of Guinea over time, Rear Admiral Hassan said their active participation demonstrates a shared dedication to regional stability.

Still on the visit, he said the general objective was for Nigeria to expand her hydrographic horizon, just as she called for more cooperation between the Nigerian Navy and its hydrographic partner in order to enhance the navigability of waterways.

He said: ‘’We are happy to receive the French Navy Ship BORDA, it is a hydrographic ship. The general objective of this visit is for Nigeria to expand her hydrographic horizon by expanding cooperation with the navy. 

“We got news of the expanded maritime border by the UN a few days ago. This is falling in place with the visit of FNS border because cooperating with our hydrographic partners helps us to enhance the navigability of our waters regarding the blue economy so it’s everything falling in place.’’

Furthermore, he promised to continue the smooth diplomatic relations between the Nigerian Navy and the French Navy, just as the Commanding Officer of the visiting ship appreciated the support received when they arrived in Lagos.

In turn, the French Navy led by the Defence

Attache, Commander William Tostan, described the visit as a move to maintain the link between them and their Nigerian counterpart.

According to the FN, apart from developing and reinforcing their cooperation with the Nigerian Navy, the visit would also ensure training of some NN officers in the country.

He explained that the hydrographic nature of their vessel  important in attaining an effective blue economy for Nigeria.

‘’This is a continuation of the historic partnership of the French Navy with the Nigerian Navy in the domain of hydrography. Hydrography is very important because this is one domain that is very key for the blue economy. We are very happy to maintain this link.’’

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