F’Eagles 1983 Set Awards Scholarship to Ali Jeje’s Son

In a poignant tribute to the enduring legacy of its late captain, Ali Jeje, the Flying Eagles1983 set has embarked on bestowing full scholarship on his son, Abdul Rahman Jeje.

Disclosing this to reporters in a signed statement, Vice-captain of the class of 1983, Paul Okoku recalled the late Ali Jeje’s leadership was the cornerstone of the Flying Eagles’ journey to the first Nigerian National Football Team to the FIFA World Cup, in Mexico, in 1983, a remarkable milestone that etched Nigeria’s name onto the global football stage.

According to Okoku, who resides with his family in USA, “1983 was the first time a Nigerian flag was raised and flown on the world football stage, in admiration of the world gathering for a pride of a nation, the players were the pride of the nation, Nigeria and the continent of Africa.

” The raising of the Nigerian flag was a proud moment, symbolizing the nation’s admiration for its players who embodied the pride of Nigeria”, added Paul Okoku, who pointed out that “despite facing significant adversities, Ali Jeje’s unwavering dedication to the team and the sport left an indelible mark on the annals of Nigerian football history”.

Okoku noted that in recognition of the late Ali Jeje’s unparalleled contributions and the enduring legacy he left behind, the Flying Eagles, 1983 set, has resolved to support Abdul Rahman’s educational aspirations through a scholarship.

“Furthermore, on behalf of the Esteemed Solidarity Flying Eagles Team, 1983 set, and as the vice-captain of the history-making squad, I salute you, my fellow teammates, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all our team members who generously supported this initiative financially and in kind who deserve our genuine appreciation for their integral role in the scholarship scheme:

“Chibuzor Ehilegbu, Otti Amaechi, Paul Okoku, Femi Olukanmi, Segun Olukanmi,  Dehinde Akinlotan, Taju Disu, Dahiru Sadi, Tarila Okorowanta, Manu Garba, Alphonsus Akhahon, Sunday Edema Benson, Yemi Adebanjo, Samson Siasia, Patrick Udoh, Muyiwa Manny Motajo, Humphrey Edobor, Bright Benson, Wahab Adesina, Wilfred Agbonavbare, Christopher Anigala, Yisa Sofoluwe, Raymond King, Mike Igbeka and Tarfa Kpako”.

Reflecting on the profound impact of this initiative, Paul Okoku expressed deep gratitude to his former teammates for their unwavering support and commitment, stressing that  “our collective action exemplified the essence of true teamwork and underscored the power of unity in honoring the cherished memory of our beloved Captain, Ali Jeje.”

Abdul Rahman Jeje’s heartfelt appreciation for the opportunity to further his education serves as a poignant testament to the transformative impact of this scholarship on his future. With profound humility, he extends his heartfelt gratitude to the Flying Eagles, 1983 set, for illuminating the path to a brighter future and honoring his father’s enduring legacy.

“Incidentally that was also the first FIFA tournament attended by a Nigerian national team, when the Flying Eagles qualified after beating Guinea over two legs and  he was the centre referee in the Group B match between Poland and the United States in Pueblo as well as the game between Brazil and Holland at the Jalisco Stadium, Guadalajara.”

“At the tournament, two other African referees – Bernard Grah of Cote d’Ivoire and Mohammed Larache of Morocco – were sent home after the Group games while Festus Bolaji  Okubule was among the 12 retained to proceed with the remaining matches.

“As the Flying Eagles, 1983 set, continue to honour our illustrious legacy and invest in the next generation, we remain steadfast in our commitment to supporting Abdul Rahman’s educational journey”.

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