Tackling the Challenge of Water Scarcity in Sokoto

The Sokoto Governor, Dr. Ahmed Aliyu has moved to change the narrative of water scarcity in Sokoto from the root,  writes Onuminya Innocent

The problem of water scarcity in the seat of caliphate has become a perennial one as each administration that come and gone trying to find solutions but the problem remain prevalent.

But in this interaction with commissioner of water resources Alhaji Muhammad Yusuf Maccido he assured the people of the state that Governor Ahmed Aliyu administration is committed to tackle the problem from the root.

Maccido explained that lacking information and knowledge, coupled with ulterior motive, some pundits blatantly apportioned blames and threw tantrums to Governor Ahmed Aliyu’s government for not tackling the challenge headlong. In short, they made it look as if the scarcity was a thing of today .

He further said that Sokoto Water Scarcity is a perennial one,  explaining how perennial water scarcity has been part and parcel of Sokoto for more than two decades due to the topography of the state, lack of competence/ sincerity on the part of management of the state water corporation and the failure of successive governments in the state to address the challenge from the root cause.

He  reminded the public that Governor Aliyu and all government officials need potable water like every other resident of the state, a major reason his government couldn’t have glossed over the challenge as was insinuated by some persons on social media.

Fortunately and coincidentally, this drama unfolded at a time Governor Aliyu’s administration had mapped out a comprehensive machinery and programmes to fundamentally tackle the challenge.

Maccido urged the people to be patient and assured residents of the state that the issue of inadequate water supply, one of the key challenges the administration of Governor Ahmed Aliyu inherited, will soon be history.

He maintained that Aliyu administration is doing a lot, with the lean resources at its disposal, to address the issue of water in Sokoto metropolis and its environs 

 He noted that when they came in they inherited obsolete equipment that hardly working for two days without breaking down,

He stressed that the unfortunate thing about the issue as they are trying to repair a broken machine, before finishing others will break down.

The commissioner explained that the state ministry of water resources in collaboration with federal ministry of water resources has sent for the machines from abroad which he said worth billions of naira.

He disclosed that  as part of the efforts , the federal ministry of water resources has promised to rehabilitate Shagari Dam and expansion of Goronyo Dam to Tsisi in Gada local government for irrigation purposes under SPIN 1 project

He maintained that recently the minister of power , Adebayo Adelabu visited Goronyo Dam and promised that federal government will find a means to explore the dam for hydro electric power generation.

He stated, under SPIN 2 of state government, preparation are on top gear to rehabilitate 72 earth dams in the state stressing that it will enhance supply of water to areas like Tamaje, Gagi, Bado, Guiwa, Mabera and some rural areas in the state.

Maccido further disclosed that before the equipment will arrive from Europe , the Governor has approved money , and team of engineers have come from Kaduna to overhaul the old machines .

He said in the next few days water production and supply will improve if the engineers are through with their repairs.

He disclosed that the state government had commenced comprehensive rehabilitation of all mega solar powered boreholes across the 23 local government in the state to ensure adequate supply of potable water to the rural dwellers.

The commissioner explained that some of these mega boreholes will purely use  solar powered, to address the peculiar challenges of power failure, will boost the volume of water being reticulated from the ageing water schemes to the semi urban and rural areas of the state 

He said the government is intending to drill more mega motorised boreholes in metropolis“It will equally augment the existing water schemes in order to effectively manage and meet the demand of the growing population of Sokoto metropolis”, he said.

At the managerial level, Maccido pointed out that Gov. Aliyu administration, in its determination to address the issue of water in the state, recently constituted a committee with Deputy Governor Eng Muhammad Idris Gobir as a chairman with commissioner of environment, water resources as members to come up with modality how to permanently solve the perennial water problem in the state.

He further explained that the state government has also committed funds to the actualisation of   ACRESAL a world bank project for the rehabilitation of Lungu Dam in Wurno local government  in its unrelenting bid to increase the sources of potable water supply, and to continue to maintain existing facilities.

He said looking at government’s efforts and approaches towards tackling the perennial water scarcity in Sokoto, it is clear that the government’s commitment and determination is not in doubt or questionable. Clearly the government is determined, diligent and transparent in tackling this age long problem and requires the support of everyone, and not cynicism.

He assured that “water will be available  and sustainable because the rehabilitated boreholes are powered by solar as we will not wait for the grid electricity or diesel powered generator to pump water”.

He revealed that after servicing the 72 earth dams  and rehabilitation of Goronyo, Shagari and Lungu Dam the water problem in the state will be a thing of the past 

According to him, “the administration of Governor Ahmed Aliyu is committed in leverage on its nine points agenda.

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