Examining Lagos State, Optiva Capital’s Commitment to Common Good

In fulfilment of its commitment to maternal health care and empowerment of women, especially those at the lower rung of society’s ladder, Oluchi Chibuzor writes that Optiva Capital Partners, leading investment immigration firm, has flagged off the groundbreaking for the multi-millionnaira rehabilitation and upgrade of Agboyi Ketu Primary Healthcare Centre, Lagos, into a fully equipped ultra-modern maternity centre.

In a pivotal role with the Lagos State government, Optiva Capital Partners has commenced the construction, upgrade, and rehabilitation of Agboyi Ketu Healthcare facility in Lagos State. The rehabilitation covers the facilities, structures, the equipment, and totally upgrading the healthcare facility to ensure that women from that particular area are taken care of.

In her remarks at the groundbreaking ceremony, the Chief Executive Officer of Optiva Capital Partners, Dr. Jane Kimemia, stated that the objective of the firm, in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is to address maternal health care and reduce maternal mortality rate in Nigeria because different World Health Organisation reports state that Nigeria contributes up to ten percent of the global maternal death.

According to her, Optiva Capital Partners would expand the healthcare facilities to, “accommodate more beds and enhance the quality of the maternity wards and labor rooms with state-of-the-art hospital equipment. This is to ensure that a larger number of women in Agboyi Ketu Local Government receive enhanced maternity care.

“We will be working extensively on the infrastructure and ambience from the time you walk in to receive medical help to the time you receive the help you need. So it won’t only benefit mothers but the entire population of Ketu LCDA. “We will provide hospital equipment for the delivery room as advised by the Ministry of Health.  This project will take about two months. In two months’ time, we will come back to commission a full-fledged maternity centre where women, mothers and children will be happy to come in to receive medical help.

“This is the beginning of our journey towards creating sustainable change in maternal and childcare. Through our collaboration with the Lagos State Ministry of Health, we strive for a future where the number of women who lose their lives during childbirth is greatly minimised.”

The CEO of Optiva Capital Partners, Dr. Jane Kimemia, conveyed her appreciation for the opportunity to work with the Lagos State Government Ministry of Health and the Ketu Local Government in their efforts to decrease the maternal mortality rate in the state.

In his remarks, the Chairman of Agboyi Ketu LCDA, Mayor Dele Oshinowo commended Optiva Capital Partners for taking the initiative to contribute towards the reduction of the maternal mortality rate in Nigeria.

The Permanent Secretary, Lagos State Ministry of Health, Dr. Olusegun Ogboye, also expressed gratitude to Optiva Capital and the LCDA for the strong collaboration in making the project come to light.

She emphasised that the Maternal Healthcare initiative by Optiva Capital Partners is driven by a deep sense of commitment and devotion to decreasing maternal mortality rates for both mothers and their infants in Nigeria.

The groundbreaking ceremony had in attendance senior officers from Lagos State government and the Lagos State Ministry of Health. The CEO of Optiva Capital Partners was accompanied by senior management staff of the company including the Executive Director, Mrs. Amaka Okeke-Lawal.

Optiva Capital Partners takes her corporate social responsibility engagement seriously through its passionate commitment not only to maternal health care but also to the empowerment of women, especially those at the lower rung of society’s ladder.

Women, according to Kimemia, are the bedrock of the society because the basic unit of society -the home, is run by women, and that is where it all starts. Women are seeking ways to educate, to empower, to contribute, and these start from the home. They want to be able to educate, train their children and themselves. Women also seek to be empowered by the knowledge and experiences gathered, and to contribute to the growth and development of the society.

In this regard, Optiva Capital Partners works with families, because when they work with families on how their children are going to school, on how they can go to Canada and they will be paying a tenth of what the international students will be paying, it is a service to women, a service to the family. According to the Optiva Capital CEO, “we are enabling them, we are showing them opportunities on how they can actually access better services.”

According to Kimemia, beyond health there is also “an initiative for women in the markets, women at the very end of the pyramid, so it’s about empowering them in terms of how do they get better at their trade, how do they get investments. So, in partnership with a Micro Finance Bank we are helping them to formalise their businesses, structure their businesses so that they can get financing and scale up their businesses.” Optiva Capital Partners, Africa’s leading investment immigration wealth management company has steadily, over the past fourteen years built a growing reputation amongst investment savvy Africans who seek quality service in investment immigration, investment advisory, and wealth management.

In all of these bespoke services the company’s unwavering commitment is to provide clients with the opportunity to protect, grow, enhance and optimize their wealth, and ensure they get the benefits of secured Capital through Multi-asset funds, Global equities, Corporate funds; and also achieve Optimal Diversified Portfolio

Optiva Capital Partners is reputed to be one of the fastest-growing brands in the wealth management sector, easily recognized as the largest in investment immigration. Beloved for its customer-centric focus, deep commitment to structured process, and its extensive network through its elite global partners, this fast-growing brand has come a long way since it began operations in 2010.

Through firm determination and clear definition of the company’s raison d’etre, Optiva Capital Partners, according to Dr Jane Kimemia, has grown it staff strength from just about 15 in 2017 to over 1000 currently, with over 21 branches across Nigeria and significant presence across Africa. Optiva Capital Partners longstanding purpose encapsulated in its core values of service, professionalism, collaboration, and excellence; premium product innovations; and elite global partnerships, have all added up to a winning formula.

As the leading investment immigration service provider, the company assists its clientele to save long-term through investment immigration with a commitment to help clients to save on what they would have been spending on through its bespoke investment immigration services.

According to Kimemia, through the Citizenship By Immigration (CBI) programme, clients receive tremendous value and savings on the scarce foreign exchange that comes back in developing Africa.

“We are looking at costs, and value across generations as well. So you get second citizenship it doesn’t stop you from continuing your business, but it gives you global access. So it is not spend but an investment and it is savings.”

Shedding more light on the savings and value inherent in the investment immigration services, Kimemia stated that with “children’s education for example, investment immigration becomes a vehicle for our clients to protect, to grow, to enhance, to diversify their wealth. For somebody looking for permanent residency or to invest in a programme in Canada, their children’s education, say in University of Toronto, international students for a Bachelors programme will be paying about $60,000 annually, but as permanent residents they will be paying just $6,000 per annum.”

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