Tripcel Launches Travel e-SIM in Nigeria, West Africa

Tripcel, led by tourism expert Aminat Akanbi, is reshaping how Nigerian travellers stay connected while exploring the world.

In today’s digital age, staying in touch is crucial, and Tripcel offers innovative solutions to simplify connectivity challenges faced by travellers globally through its website.

Aminat’s passion for empowering travellers with reliable connectivity across 200+ countries without the need to buy new SIM cards, connect to Wi-Fi, or incur roaming charges has gained international acclaim.

She introduces a simple solution through a QR code that instantly activates travellers’ internet access upon arrival in any country. Recently showcased as a standout startup at the esteemed Web Summit in Qatar, Akanbi presented Tripcel’s advanced eSIM technology alongside top tech innovators, emphasising the company’s commitment to enhancing the travel experience for Nigerian adventurers while promoting sustainable travel.

Her mantra: ‘One QR code connects you to the global internet.’Akanbi’s impactful contributions extend beyond the Web Summit, earning her recognition as one of the Top 40 Travel Women in Africa. This honour acknowledges her dedication to revolutionising the travel industry and bridging the gap for African travellers to access seamless global connectivity.

With over a decade of experience and a background in Political Science from Lagos State University, Akanbi continues to drive innovation in the travel tech sector. Her vision for Tripcel transcends borders, providing Nigerian travellers with unmatched connectivity solutions for confident and hassle-free exploration worldwide.

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