Minister Canvasses Domestic Tourism During Ekiti Visit

Minister of Tourism, Lola Ade-John, praised Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort and Conference Center as an excellent tourist destination during a recent visit to Ekiti State.

Received by the governor, Biodun Oyebanji, she spoke about the government’s commitment to partner with the private sector to support tourism growth in iconic locations like Ikogosi Resort.

Ade-John emphasized the significance of community stories in tourism and how authentic experiences like hiking trails allow tourists to connect with local communities in meaningful ways.

“I was so impressed when I drove into Ikogosi, the foliage, the greenery, the whole place is charming and enticing. Every community (such as Ikogosi) has a story, and we want to share those stories across the land,” Ade-John told journalists during her visit.

“Real tourists don’t care much about hotels and airports. They want to get to where the action is. It is hiking trails such as this that enable them to connect with the communities in a way that they won’t have anywhere else,” she added.

Her statement aligns with the FG’s Ecogenesis Incubator programme, which aims to empower residents, tour operators, and guides with essential skills for thriving in the tourism industry.

Also, Lanre Balogun, the General Manager of Glocient Hospitality, operators of Ikogosi Resort and Conference Center, expressed gratitude for the unwavering support of both federal and state governments.

He cited the story of Ikogosi, since its acquisition by Glocient Hospitality, as a prime example of how tourism can drive economic growth, create employment opportunities, and attract foreign investment while transforming local communities.

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