OCP Group, Fortescue Partner to Drive Renewable Energy, Fertilizer Projects

A global leader in nutrition and phosphate-based fertilizers, OCP Group is partnering Fortesque Energy in a remarkable move aimed at driving renewable energy and decarbonisation in Africa, Europe and other parts of the world.

Fortescue Energy is part of Fortescue Limited (Fortecue), a global green energy, metal, and technology conglomerate.

The two companies signed a joint venture (JV) on Monday to supply green hydrogen, ammonia, and fertilizers to Morroco, Europe, and international markets.

Mostafa Terrab, Chairman and CEO of OCP Group, said: “Our strategic partnership
with Fortescue is a testimony to our joint commitment to decarbonisation, driving the
development of cutting-edge facilities and delivering competitive renewable energy,
products and technology.

Mr. Terrab said the JV partnership between the two companies “is a key step towards fulfilling our vision of simultaneously ensuring global food security and combating climate change.”

Details of the equal partnership between the two industrial giants include the potential development of
manufacturing facilities and a Research and Development (R&D) hub to advance the rapidly growing renewable
energy industry in Morocco.

According to a statement, Fortescue and OCP Group, reputable leaders in iron ore and phosphate respectively, are united in their goal to reach their emissions reductions targets.

While reiterating that the partners share a common vision for the pivotal role of green hydrogen and ammonia in forging a sustainable future
globally, Mr. Terrab noted that the JV covers four proposed cornerstone projects in Morocco.

These are large-scale integrated green ammonia and green fertilizer production capacity, including renewables, energy generation, electrolysis, ammonification, and fertilizer production.

Others are manufacturing of green technology and equipment; an R&D and Technology Hub, located alongside Mohammed VI Polytechnic University
(UM6P) near Marrakech to bolster the JV, the ecosystem, and other players, with
research in renewable energy, green hydrogen, and minerals processing.

The statement says the fourth cornerstone is the collaboration of corporate venture capital funds to drive investment in key technology advancements.

It says the partners’ objective is to supply green hydrogen and ammonia for use both as sources of green energy and in the manufacture of carbon-neutral and customized fertilizers that are accessible and affordable for farmers around the world.

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