‘Hustling for Quick Money Ruining Skilled Work in Nigeria’

Sylvester Idowu in Warri

A Chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Delta State, Chief Sunny Onuesoke, has raised the alarm over the gradual extinction of skilled or artisanal workers in Nigeria because of the craving for quick money.

Onuesoke in a statement issued in Warri, Delta State, yesterday, noted that the country is undergoing shortage of artisanal workers because the youths now prefer making money through internet fraud or other quick means to learning a trade or going to school.

According to him, “Artisan or artisanal workers are fast depleting. There are shortages of skilled workers to support the growth and development of the economy.

“No mechanic, no electrician, no plumber, no carpenter and others. It is amazing that artisan workers come from Cotonou, Togo, and other West Africa countries to build our POP and carpentry work for us. The children do not want to learn skilled works. They classify education as scam. They want to indulge in making quick money.

“Even now, no child wants to become a mechanic, plumber, electrician or technician. Right now, there are shortages of artisans and support crews because the children do not want to go back to school.”

To rescue the situation, Onuesoke appealed to both the state and federal governments to intensify their skill acquisition projects by subsidising them to attract the youths into picking interest in artisanship and for the children to acquire skills which they would use to support the growth of the economy.

He advised that the youths be encouraged to learn skills by subsidising the training and providing them with little take-home and feeding allowances in the course of the training.

“Government should pay youths who are interested in learning skills. They should provide them with a little take-home to take care of their expenses. Whatever may be the case, the training should be subsidised.

“There should be subvention for skill acquisition attendees like giving them meals. Maybe two meals in a day with pocket money by the end of the month. It will encourage the children to learn skill,” he advised.

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