Edge FM Plans Excellent Standards in Facility Management

Fadekemi Ajakaiye

The promoters of a new facility management company, Edge FM, have said they are committed to the provision of excellent standards in the sector.

At the unveiling of the company in Lagos recently, the Chief Executive Officer of Edge FM, Mr. Peju Fatuyi said, “We tailor our services to our clients’ needs for unique experiences.

“What we are doing here today is the public presentation of our organization; we want people to know what we are doing in the facilities management space. It is to show how we give services to our clients to make sure they get value for their money. We do this by making sure that all their assets are properly managed and provide solutions which is what we tag in our motto as transformational excellence.”

Fatuyi said they do their job differently, adding that “what is unique about us is that we are able to address each client on his unique needs; we are able to adapt to what they need and we give them solutions that are not just reliable but also sustainable.

“We are doing this with a workforce that is proudly local with excellent skill. We are doing all these with innovative technology. In our service delivery, we are conscious of sustainable practices. We are here for impact, making sure that our services impact our clients positively, giving them value accretion, including the value of their properties. We are making sure that we impact our environment by making sure that the impact of our services on the environment is minimal. We are also making sure that in the localities where we work, the workers are trained and upskilled in order to give value to our clients.

“Most people spend over 80 percent of their days inside buildings and so the state of your building has an impact on your health, whether you are aware of it or not. This is why it is good to have a good working environment which has to be maintained regularly.

“What we do when we get into a place, what wwe do is to identify what is most important for you which helps to ensure that people in that space are most productive. Based on that we prioritise the services we deliver to our clients. We tailor our services to the needs of our clients in order to give them unique experience

“We are not ignorant of the economy or the environment in which we function which is why prioritising is very important. Everybody’s needs differ. For some people, it is power, for others it is making sure that the air which they breathe within their space is pure and healthy. We ensure that whether you work in the office or from home, the environment is conducive for optimum productivity. All these are largely dependent on how the buildings in which our clients work are properly maintained. We can’t  underestimate the impact of making sure that the facilities within the working environment such as the staircase or lift or fire safety. For each client, we look at his building, assess it and give him the solution that is tailored towards that client’s property needs.”

On the energy challenge, she said, “Energy is something that is very important and we cannot do without. The rising cost of diesel is unfortunate and we do not know when it is going to drop. It is all the more challenging now that the economy is struggling.

“What we do in this circumstance is to sit down with all the stakeholders, discuss and come up with solutions that are workable for them. We do propose to them that they have to move away from being largely dependent on diesel. They can explore opportunities of having a solar power system. They should go for systems that do not consume so much energy. We also advise our clients to make sure that they measure what they consume. This is to enable them to check themselves. Some people have the habit of going to the toilet and leaving the light on. Leaving the tap running is also another bad habit because it make you pump more water and this impacts on the amount of diesel or energy consumed.

“We work with the stakeholders who are not just the owners, but also the users of the building. We engage them on the need to achieve that level of comfort they require without puncturing their pocket.”   

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