You Will Explain, Explain, Explain: The Curious Case of Yemi Alade

            You Will Explain, Explain, Explain: The Curious Case of Yemi Alade

Time and again, Nigerians are treated to a lazy tale in which the main character has nothing intriguing to offer, and goes through no phase of growth or development. Yemi Alade, the popular singer and activist, is not like this. Hers is a narrative of determination, growth, and success.

Her recent revelation that her refusal to grant sexual favours to highly placed individuals led to her missing out on awards sent keyboard warriors into a frenzy, exciting some and enraging others.

According to the ‘Johnny’ singer, the music industry in Nigeria has not changed much since the day these allegations were daily news. Back then, Alade reports that it seemed as if she carried an antenna on her head that attracted such individuals to her, intimating that she would not advance in her career without letting them have their way with her.

But Alade stood firm, which is the meat of the story. She neither gave in nor considered such naughty offers. Interestingly, not much has changed from her perspective. Back then, it was ‘open’ to enter. Right now, it is ‘open’ to climb up.

It must be stated that Alade is not the first female celebrity to accuse leading male figures in the music industry of asking for such unreasonable favours. This is not only common in the music industry; filmmakers have also been under this heat. Once in a while, someone emerges on the stage to open the can of ugly worms.

Of course, from the perspective of some opinionated Nigerians, Alade is to blame for so many people approaching her in that sense. She dresses more provocatively than almost anybody, they claim. But that argument seems baseless.

Instead, as others have argued, Alade should just manage what she has gotten so far. After all, she is virtually world-renowned and a source of inspiration for many people.

And that is where the bus must pack. Any further and it would only show the ugly side of empowered humanity, which is exactly Alade’s reason for coming out

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