CEO Fix All Africa sheds light on Redefining Access to Skilled Workers

CEO Fix All Africa sheds light on Redefining Access to Skilled Workers

Entrepreneur, Samson Akinola, is spearheading a groundbreaking initiative through Fix All Africa, an innovative tech startup based in Lagos, Nigeria. The company is set to unveil its cutting-edge platform and mobile application designed to streamline the process of hiring skilled artisans. Scheduled for release on both the App Store and Google Play Store, Fix All Africa’s state-of-the-art technology promises to revolutionize the recruitment of service professionals.

Acknowledging the prevalent challenges faced by individuals seeking trustworthy artisans for tasks such as plumbing, electrical work, and carpentry, Fix All Africa aims to simplify this process. Through its user-friendly platform and mobile app, users can seamlessly connect with vetted artisans, ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Samson Akinola, the Founder and CEO of Fix All Africa, emphasizes the company’s mission beyond being just a tech startup. He envisions Fix All Africa as a driving force for change, empowering individuals to access reliable professionals for their day-to-day needs. The upcoming mobile app will provide users with the convenience of finding and hiring skilled artisans at their fingertips, anytime and anywhere.

The Fix All Africa mobile app will offer a host of user-friendly features, including intuitive navigation, detailed artisan profiles, secure payment options, and real-time updates. Anticipated to launch by mid-year, the app is positioned to become the go-to platform for individuals in search of skilled artisans across Africa. By providing a reliable and convenient solution for service provision, Fix All Africa aims to empower communities and foster positive impact throughout the continent.

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