Cuppy Holds Reception for Her Africa Oxford University Fund

Cuppy Holds Reception for Her Africa Oxford University Fund

Mary Nnah

A year after Cuppy Otedola, founder of the Cuppy Foundation announced she would be lending her support to African Scholars who are pursuing graduate degrees at the prestigious Oxford University in the United Kingdom, the hugely successful singer, DJ & philanthropist has held a reception at Talbot Hall, in Oxford University to celebrate the progress of her pledge so far.

Last year, Cuppy became a graduate of African Studies (MSc) at the prestigious Oxford University. Her academic journey was well documented for fans and the frenzy of her graduation was met with the proud gaze of members of the Otedola family who were all in attendance for the occasion. On this day, Cuppy pledged to support African graduate students who are currently pursuing their degrees at Oxford with a £100,000 gift to the Africa Oxford Institute (AfOx).

This pledge which was dubbed the Cuppy Africa Oxford Scholars Fund will run for a 10-year duration, with the Africa Oxford Institute (AfOx) receiving annual donations from Cuppy during this period. This fund aims to support African future leaders by enabling them to access the necessary skills, resources, and networks to maximize their impact across the continent and beyond. It will support African graduate students at the University to meet unexpected and urgent financial needs and undertake activities that will ensure the pursuit of excellence in their graduate studies.

On Monday, February 26th, 2024, Cuppy hosted a reception in Talbot Hall at the LMH College, Oxford University. This reception in partnership with Templars Law Firm,  celebrated one year of the Cuppy Africa Oxford Scholars Fund & a year since Cuppy graduated from Oxford. Templars Law Firm, a leading law firm in Nigeria, that provides innovative legal solutions to the most pressing business challenges across Africa provided extra funding towards the fund.

Cuppy previously commented about the fund, saying; “I am so proud of this partnership that not only extends my relationship with Oxford University but empowers future generations to come. Having just graduated with an MSc degree in African Studies myself, I saw first-hand the variances in university life experiences for students originating from my continent, Africa.

The fundamental role that the Cuppy Fund will play is to narrow resource gaps for those who need it the most so they can fully commit to pursuing the education they deserve. The opportunity to study at Oxford is an accomplishment but one only fully realised when you can complete your course.”

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