Capturing the Essence of Filmmaking: Peter Okosun’s Exhibition Chronicles the Creative Journey of ‘ANIKULAPO’

Capturing the Essence of Filmmaking: Peter Okosun’s Exhibition Chronicles the Creative Journey of ‘ANIKULAPO’

Accomplished photographer and filmmaker, Peter Okosun recently held a one of a kind photography exhibition which was to unveil the raw beauty and artistry found within the chaotic yet captivating environment of Kunle Afolayan’s Anikulapo – the rise of the spectre. Each photograph in this collection serves as a testament to the collaborative nature of filmmaking, where every individual from the director, Kunle Afolayan to the actors, the set designers to the lighting technicians contributes their unique talents to bring a vision to life. Through his lens, he seeked to immortalize the often overlooked moments of introspection, camaraderie, and creative breakthroughs that occur amidst the controlled chaos of a film set.

He believes that photography plays a crucial role in marketing films by visually capturing the essence, mood, and key moments of the movie. Additionally he discloses that images serve as powerful promotional tools to generate interest, create anticipation, and attract audiences to theaters or streaming platforms. By effectively leveraging visuals, filmmakers can effectively promote their movies and connect with audiences on a deeper level.

Speaking about the project, he shares, “The inspiration for the photo exhibition, titled “BEHIND THE LENS: Capturing Artistic Moments on ANIKULAPO – Rise of the Spectre,” came from conversations Kunle Afolayan and I had while on set filming. Over the past decade of collaborating on his projects, we’ve had a collection of stunning imagery and unseen moments. Wanting to share this visual journey with others, He conceived the idea of the exhibition, offering viewers a glimpse into our creative process and the captivating moments we have captured together.”

There have been countless memorable moments on set, but a few stand out vividly, Okosun shares. He notes, “One such instance was witnessing veteran actors, whom I grew up watching on TV, come together, sharing their beautiful memories and throwing sweet banter among themselves, creating a lively atmosphere that made work feel like play. Director Kunle’s knack for diffusing tension with music during breaks also made for unforgettable moments. Another highlight was capturing a pivotal scene in ANIKULAPO, where Arolake, portrayed by Bimbo Ademoye, poured powder from a gourd—a moment that is very key to the story. Despite initial hesitation, I managed to persuade her to recreate the image between takes, and it later went viral, underscoring the importance of capturing key moments for marketing purposes. These experiences underscore the richness and unpredictability of life on set.”

He further elaborated on the challenges of capturing moments on the ANIKULAPO set, highlighting the complexities of navigating tight spaces, coping with unpredictable lighting conditions, and the delicate balance of remaining unobtrusive while endeavoring to capture authentic moments. He noted, “To overcome these challenges, I relied on my technical skills, wealth of experience on film set, adaptability and a keen eye for detail to seize fleeting moments without disrupting the flow of production. The chaotic environment of film sets has fascinated me since my very first day of stepping on a movie set. It’s a melting pot of creativity, passion, and hard work that continually inspired me. As a film photographer, I see my role not just as capturing images but consciously documenting the history of the Nigerian film industry for posterity to appreciate.”

When collaborating with Kunle Afolayan, he describes the experience as consistently exhilarating. Speaking further, he reveals that, “As I mentioned earlier, we have worked with him on numerous projects, which has allowed us to develop a strong synergy over time. This deep understanding enables me to anticipate his creative vision, making the collaboration seamless and enjoyable. Each project with him becomes an opportunity for me to further stretch my creativity and contribute to bringing his vision to life. Working alongside him is not only professionally rewarding but also personally fulfilling, as we continue to inspire and challenge each other in our creative pursuits.”

Looking into his plans for the upcoming year, he expresses his excitement about the creative freedom and exploration that personal projects afford. He sees these endeavors as a chance to push the boundaries of his creativity, explore new thematic territories, and share compelling narratives that resonate with audiences on a deeper level. By venturing into personal projects, he aims to infuse his work with authenticity, passion, and a fresh perspective, thereby creating meaningful cinematic experiences that leave a lasting impact.

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